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How do you post an OP that is not too vague, and not leading?

Asked by flo (11460points) September 19th, 2018

Sometimes I have OPs in editing because of too vague. I don’t know how to solve it because I don’t want to ask a leading question. I don’t want to add details that are neither here and there, i.e that could distract people from the question.

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You could submit your future questions to a mod. Before you submit on Fluther.

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@RedDeerGuy1 But that would give the mods too much work?

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@flo You have a selection to ask the mods when your question goes to editing. So it’s not unprecedented.

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By the way, I meant “neither here nor there” in my OP, detail.

@RedDeerGuy1 But the point is to make it so that it doesn’t go to editing.

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@flo You could PM a friend to proof read your question for avoiding asking a question that is not too vague, and not leading. I don’t know how to teach you to write better. I would ask the mods for advice. I don’t understand “neither here nor there” means?

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Ok, Does it remind you of an OP that’s too vague, by the way?

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I find a question that’s too vague just gives me a chance to ask a clarifying question/s, or Google something I never knew about etc.

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As in this question, you almost always come back and change some aspect of your question. Try writing your question out and read it several times before hitting send. Another thing I have noticed in your questions is that your details almost never match your questions. I think you are trying too hard to be vague. Even if people would know how you are leaning in a question, they will give you their opinions if your question and details are clear.

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What @chyna said. We are not actually sheep, we are unlikely to be led to a response.

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But one’s vague is another’s neutral, non-leading, that’s the thing.

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You can’t please everybody, just try to have your details match the Q.

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Clear thoughts between Q’s and details.

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Simply ask the exact question that you want to know the answer for. Use facts, and precise details. Be as direct and concise as possible. Don’t dance around. Use proper English.

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