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What have you bought that was really ugly?

Asked by Jeruba (48175points) September 19th, 2018

Did you know it was ugly and you bought it anyway?

Did you buy it because it was ugly?

Or did you buy it without realizing how ugly it was until later?

What was it, and why did you buy it?

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A tin of smoked oysters. Was purple on the bottom. Got a full refund.

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A mirror, and I’m not referring to the frame. ;-)

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The outstanding gag gift that I purchased was not so much ugly, but truly tasteless. I bought it for our friend’s birthday a few years back. Our friend is renowned for tasteless jokes and comments. He also has a backyard consisting of a lawn edged on 3 sides with pots of exotic plants-half of them fake. The tasteless gift was a lifesized head of Mr. T complete with glued on bling around his neck. The thing was actually a water sprinkler that revolved, It’s hideous, and was such a huge hit with our friend that he keeps it on display in the living room for fear of it deteriorating from exposure to the elements.

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Can’t think of anything but I love this question.

* sigh *

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Sweet hot mustard.

It looks like baby diarrhea but it’s so yummy.

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More than one pair of shoes.

Fit and comfort.

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A community that I used to live in.. a small village, holds a flea market every year. I always come out of there with something ugly, but beautiful. Some hand made object or piece of nickanack or brickabrack. My house is littered with them. The Danish have a word for it. Styggfin. Just google Danish Midcentury blown glass and you’ll find something like what I end up with….. or this sort of thing in pottery… I can’t help myself.

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My Croc shoes, super ugly but extremely comfy and cured my heal spur.

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Purchased a junior chef one time at auction when on holiday in Greece at the local village cattle market, he was so ugly his mama fed him with a catapult as a baby.
Couldn’t cook for shit either so fired him & sent him back from whence he came.

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In college, I used to attend the annual sale held by the ceramic studio. I’d adopt the most forlorn piece I could find.

Though I never found them to be ugly.

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I bought a three legged jin chan money toad at an auction in China. It is old and its brass is tarnished. I use it as a paperweight. I bought it partly because its very ugliness made it seem special and also because it has the power to protect its owner from poverty.

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Shoes for me too. One foot is misshapen because of a bunion, and I didn’t want to spend a fortune on professionally fitted, nonstandard, mismatched shoes. So I took my podiatrist’s advice and bought some Skechers, which are mooshy and forgiving. They’re very ugly—in fact, everything on display looked ugly to me—but 9 times out of 10 I choose comfort over pride. Always have.

Some things are so ugly that they’re endearing—baby warthogs, for instance—but I wouldn’t put these thick-soled glorified house slippers in that category.

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