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What would you do or say, if either John McCain, Obama, or Bush joined fluther?

Asked by wrestlemaniac (810points) August 20th, 2008

i would say…..nice to meet you Mr.Danger (Chavez said about Bush)

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Welcome them like everybody else?

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I would tell both of them to go to hell.

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Is this the first time you three superpowers have united on a single topic? And I guess hi would be polite.

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Why does McCain get a first name and the other two don’t? Which Bush?

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George .W. Bush., that’s the one.

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and McCain gets his first name cause he’s the first problem to deal with.

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McCain – I would say “this is a “c-o-m-p-u-t-o-r”.

Oboma – I would say “My 3 and 5 year old recognize you and Keep on keeping on”

Bush I would say “Your a bully, and I don’t like you.”

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“Get back to work.”

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same about the bush stuff.

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Hm. I’d give W a link to and tell him to bookmark it before he posts anything here.

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W. ring me up a couple of Ding Dong’s (bush’s voice)

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Wouldn’t say much, but I’d be very interested to see their answers – and even more so, their questions…

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can you imagine what W would ask, just guess what do you think he would ask?

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What he’d ask is one thing, but it’d be hilarious to see his phrasing – not to mention his spelling and grammar (which we all know is very important on Fluther)

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it’s funny how he say nuclear, he say nucular. heheh (bush laugh)

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It is funny how he says the word.

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**sniff** **sniff** Who farted?

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one the the 2 old farts that’s who.

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I’d expect that it was a troll posing behind the name. All three of them have far too many other things to do to spend time on Fluther.

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Senator McCain – why have you shifted 180 degrees on so many of the positions you’d held for 2 decades starting when you announced your candidacy? Also, why do you spend so much time talking about Obama and not yourself…don’t you think your positions can win you the election?

Senator Obama – how can I help make you the next President, and will you promise me to put Bush and his thugs in jail?

George – its Nuclear not Nucular, and when you get to jail, don’t drop the soap.

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