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Why don't more of you add your story to your Fluther profile?

Asked by Love_my_doggie (9562points) September 19th, 2018

When I read an engaging question or answer from someone I don’t know well, I go to the Jelly’s profile to learn more about him/her. So often, there’s no story to find.

Why don’t more of you give us some information? I’m not asking about identity-theft stuff or anything too personal; privacy is both expected and encouraged. But, a few little facts – general location, hobbies, interests – are nice.

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Apparently the people who don’t fill out their profile don’t answer questions in meta. ;)

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^^^ Hmm…maybe so.

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Because then I would have to kill you all, and I do not want to work that hard.

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When tasked to describe myself,
I feel rather put on the spot.

I think slowly accumulating an image of someone from their various answers is a more accurate read.

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Just keeping the mystery alive!!! :-)

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My current story:
i like to dragon punch people

( ͡° ͜◯ ͡°) CLOWN FIESTA ( ͡° ͜◯ ͡°)


If you are reading this, WAKE UP. You are in a simulation. Don’t you see it? The same responses repeating in chat? Its because the computer only has a set number of lines. Wake up before its too late!
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I will change it later. It will be the first chapter of my autobiography, with identifying details redacted.

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I agree – it would be nicer if people filled out their story a bit.

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Never go on profiles, zero interest but if I wanted to know more about anyone here it’s easy to get a broad idea through their posts & any interaction with them, no need for a story at all.

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Profiles don’t mean much to me. I’ve seen people who appear as saints on their profiles, act like monsters in open forum, so what’s the point, it’s all a one-sided perspective.

And people also tend to judge you on that information, as well as a real picture. Trust me, I’ve tried it all just to see reactions from a psych point of view.

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I mean yeah, it’s not a fucking dating site, keep ya fake shit to yourselves :D
All my profile says is lyrics to a madness song…Baggy Trousers.

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^^ Are you available Saturday @ucme ?

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Considering @rojo I stipulated a “fucking” dating site, then no, i’m washing my hair that night.

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Without the profile detail —> less bias in answers. Imagine challenging a jelly who says in profile that he/she has a PhD, one example.

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I used to have more information about me in there, but I don’t like to summarize myself. I see other sites where you click on a profile and it has political labels, sexuality labels, racial labels…eh…some of those things I can’t even label too easily. I’d rather people just get to know me through posts. And I will then leave the “story” section to a quote or line or saying that I like.

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Because I prefer posting lyrics for Caravan songs, since I am a Caravan fan.

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If a jelly wants to know things about me, they will learn from my responses/questions.

I am somewhat approachable in PM. If someone is that curious…

I prefer to handle business, in front of the whole pond….

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I focus on answering questions. My persona is revealed in my answers. Who I am is unimportant.

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^^^ You’re very important to me.

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Not knowing what to write, I did tell about an incident in life that explains my bee. I’m new here and still don’t know what else I want to write.

Some of my poetry is revealing about who I am.

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After a while, we can probably write our profile page for each other. We get to know each other through our questions, and responses.

Lots of people claim to be a certain way, and then say differently. So. To me, I don’t put much value in the profile part…

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