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What are some email addresses that would produce the following mesage in Gmail?

Asked by flo (12723points) September 19th, 2018

Is there an email address of a public person/entity, that would produce the following message in Gmail as soon as you paste in the email address?
“Be careful with this message. Someone may be trying to trick you by using similar looking characters in their email address. For example, replacing the letter “O” with the number “0”. Learn more”

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Not that I am aware of. But the advice (0 for O, l for 1) is well known in the email security industry, so this advice is nothing new at all.

In fact, it isn’t just restricted to 0 and O – there are dozens, even hundreds, of foreign language characters in the Unicode list that look like a O or a 0, but have an entirely different character identifier.

Why do you ask?

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Because of this OP.

How do you get rid of the message, (since there is nothing like “ok” anywhere in sight) and start with the composing?

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