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What can a person learn within 10 minutes that will be useful for life?

Asked by Love_my_doggie (9482points) September 19th, 2018

Here are some thoughts:

How to fold socks. I started using this quick-and-easy method years ago, and it’s great. No more chaos in the socks drawer or suitcase. If you stand them on end, like in the final photo, you can see your entire sock collection with a quick glance.

Create an account to access your full Social Security earnings history and the current status of your benefits:

How to find a car’s fuel tank. When approaching a gasoline pump, check the fuel-level indicator on the car’s dashboard. You’ll see a small arrow beside it; that arrow points to the side of the car where the tank is.

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Where the turn-off valve for the water mains is.

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Best question this week.


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How to tie a taut line hitch knot.
It is so useful.

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How to stitch.

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Here you go. 9 minutes long. You’re welcome.

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Why one shouldn’t litter.

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Colouring with crayons without going over the lines.
Handy tip…stick your tongue out slightly, helps with concentration.

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How to slow dance. Side, touch, side, touch,
You’ll use it at every wedding or night out.

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How to spot signs of a stroke.

How to spot signs of cancer.
ABCDE rule.

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How to boil an egg, soft and hard.

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They are expecting high winds here tomorrow. I used a couple of taut line hitches to tie weights the legs of a temporary shelter I put up to cover some of the items I had to take out of my barn.

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Location of the main arteries on a human, and how to use a knife.

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Geez, loli.

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Hey, it is just for self defence. :D

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In self-defense, you learn how to neutralize your opponent not eviscerate them.


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What better way to “neutralise” the target, than to make sure they bleed to death within minutes, making sure they do not get up again.

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Checkmate, Atheists!

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You know, I’m starting to feel affectionately towards loli. Maybe it’s time to leave Fluther!

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Fluther wouldn’t be Fluther without loli.

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Learning to swim. Even if it’s just treading water.

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Loli cheats at online chess, though.

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This question inspired me!!!
I learned and practiced 2 more knots: the Bowline and the Double Fisherman’s knot.
I am ready!

Did anyone else learn the taut line hitch?

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Learn how to bend so as not to injure your back. Link

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I use bowline knots all the time.

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