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Can you help me think of a short music album?

Asked by notsoblond (2500points) September 19th, 2018

My husband has a daily podcast where he plays an album and chats between songs. It’s his way to unwind. He calls it his therapy.

He hasn’t done a podcast in a month because he had job interviews and we moved out of state. We’ve been settled in a hotel for several days now and he’s itching to do an album but he needs something short. He’s exhausted.

We can’t think of anything. Do you have a suggestion?

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Weird Al Yankovic.

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That’s a good suggestion!

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Grateful Dead – American Beauty

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Another great suggestion. Thank you!

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The Minute Waltz.

Haydn’s Surprise Symphony

Holst’s The Planets – play one planet each day and discuss

Same with Mussorgsky-Ravel’s Pictures at an Exhibition

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