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Should I change my name to this?

Asked by Jewel9 (36points) September 19th, 2018

I am changing my last name to my mother’s maiden name and I have always wanted to add Athena as a middle name. I love mythology and am a little obsessive with it. Athena is my favorite because I feel like we have a lot of the same characteristics and she is the kind of person I strive to be. But my mother says that I will regret it and my friends say to do it so I don’t know who’s advice I should take. Should I change my name to Jewel Athena Ann Sauro or just to Jewel Ann Sauro?

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Isn’t “Sauro” an Italian name, not a Greek name? Minerva is the Roman equivalent of Athena. Would that name work better with your new last name and your mother’s Italian heritage?

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My mothers name is Italian yes but I specifically like greek mythology. Though minerva is the equivalent to Athena, many aspects of her story and personality are not the same as Athena’s. I would either want to add Athena or to only chanhe my last name.

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I would say that if you wish to add Athena, you should do so. My father had three given names but never used the first two that were the official family names and had been for generations. He always went by the name his parents gave him after they had taken care of their familial obligations.

In the same vein, my grandson has three first names (to use a John Prine terminology) He goes by his first name and the other two are rarely mentioned one of the other names is “Awesome” because his dad wanted it but you would not know it if you did not look at the birth certificate

Also, his wife was smart enough to refuse to allow his first choice for his first born. He wanted to name his son “Liam Red Death Danger Applegate. She nixed all but the Liam

So, if you want to call yourself Athena, do it. THEN you can fight it out with your family whether you are called Jewel or Athena.

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I like Aster better. If you want Athena as a middle name, drop Ann.

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How old are you?

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I just turned 18, which is why I am changing my name now.

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I would wait to see how you’re feeling about it in a few years.

Though probably not when you’re 21 and having your first legal drink in a bar. ;)

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I think if you are asking people their opinions of whether you should do this or not tells me you are not 100% committed to this change. If this is something you really wanted, you would do it regardless of anyone’s opinion.

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Okay thank you all so much! I will think on it for a while longer and then decide!

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It’s my understanding that a person can call himself or herself anything they want as long as it isn’t for fraudulent purposes. (I’m not a legal authority, though.)

You could introduce yourself as “Jewel Ann Athena” even without a legal process. (That order sounds better to me—better cadence.) You could try that on for a while before making it permanent. Ms. Athena herself might recommend this as a wise course.

I really don’t see a thing wrong with people’s changing their names to something they like. After all, our parents choose our names before they know us very well.

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@Jeruba I’ve always thought that was a strange tradition. How are you supposed to choose an appropriate name for someone you haven’t even met yet?

Some cultures wait to name their children. That makes more sense to me. Plus the idea of calling them generic names when they’re newborn seems amusing too.

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I’d say to do what feels right to you. It sounds like Athena really resonates with you, and it’s a great name and spirit, so it sounds good to me, for whatever that’s worth. If you wonder about your mom’s comment, you might ask her in what way she expects you might regret it, and then check in with your feelings about what she answers to see if that rings true for you or not.

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Have you considered Hecate?
Jewel Ann Hecate Sauro has a nice ring to it.

Not as good as Johnny Goodboy Tyler but then again, nothing is.

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I like Jeruba’s idea of simply going by the name and not bothering to change it legally, unless you feel 100% dedicated to that name when you are around 25. Your likes and dislikes will change many times during 18 to 25. If you like the name Athena, then start using it, and see how it feels, but don’t change it legally, just use it.

It appears that you are able to call yourself whatever you like, like Jeruba said, unless you are doing it for fraudulent purposes, without having to change it legally Link

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