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Have you ever posed as someone's spouse or partner--or had someone pose as yours?

Asked by Jeruba (48175points) September 20th, 2018

Have you ever pretended to be a partner in a nonexistent relationship?

This doesn’t just happen in the movies. There are all kinds of reasons why, to keep the peace or avoid embarrassment, a person might want to show up with a phony date and pass them off as a steady partner.

An engagement broken just before a major office party. A secret lover who has to stay hidden. A partner the family wouldn’t accept. Along comes some kind of event, and someone (you?) is desperate for a substitute just to get through it.

Not saying it’s a great idea. Just saying it happens.

Have you ever been a party to such a pretense? What was it, and why?

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There’s an entire industry in Japan offering these kinds of services.
Crazy world we live in.

Rental family service.

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Years ago, I was probably only about 20, my mom had gone to a psychic and was told a close member of her family was pregnant and going to lose the baby. My SIL was pregnant at the time and this upset my mom very much. She wanted me and another brother to go to the psychic to see if she would tell us the same thing.
My brother and I look nothing alike, but that didn’t occur to us when we went. She assumed we were dating and based her whole “psychic reading” on that saying we would get married, have kids, go through good times and bad, etc. Nothing like she told my mom. As we were leaving my brother turned to her and said “by the way, this is my sister.” We left her with her mouth hanging open.
Of course, we were the biggest losers in this because we paid for her ridiculousness, but at least we were able to reassure my mom she was a quack.
P.S. thanks for the fun question!

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Only in my dreams. Look out Amahl!

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