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Trumps coming to town tomorrow, what would you say?

Asked by KNOWITALL (19826points) September 20th, 2018

Just for funzies, what would you say if the chance presented itself to talk to him.

Remember, you get about 15 seconds and no more, so make it good and nothing crazy since Secret Service and FBI are right beside you.

Springfield, MO 9/21/18

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“Retardus Orangutanus ite domum.”

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Don’t mess with social security.

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I have nothing to say to Trump but I would join a demonstration to protest his presence.

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Are you aware that your administration’s sabotage of the Affordable Care Act is directly causing over fifteen thousand American deaths per year? What are you going to do about this?

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I appreciate the efforts you are making, but could you stop making everything a childish tweet?

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Hey Don, how funny are those losers constantly hating on you online?
Then watch him laugh a bit of shit out & rejoice at such a spectacle.

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I would ask a simple question:

How many books do you read in a year?

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Don’t say anything, just grab him by his pussy. SS be damned.

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@ucme Now you’re talking! haha!

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“What are we having for dinner?”

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Boo. Booooo! And show a clip of Billy Crystal’s witch wife in that movie saying “Boo. Boo!!!!” Then walk out.

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I wouldn’t waste my time. Just being honest.

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Don’t mind them, sir, they are loud, but few.
Wanna split a pizza?

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I’d say fumigate the town afterwards.

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Lol, 53.6% of the country is “few.”

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@Mariah Red state. “Missouri Primary Election Results. Missouri has 2 Democratic representatives and 6 Republican representatives”

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