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How can one become a Human Calculator?

Asked by seVen (3478points) August 20th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m astonished at some people who calculate faster in their head than anything.

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like me, well it depends on the mathematics question, and you can be a human calculator you just have to study hard, and learn math.

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hey that’s a cool link.

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there are supersmart people called savants that pocess a mental disabilty which can accutually make your brain into a supercomputer. It has something to do with the wiring between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Experiment have been preformed that can actually purposely duplicate this ability (or disabilty). All you have to do is inhibit a few neurons and poof you can calculate Pi to a thousand places. I believe the procedure reversable but still cannot equal the powers the natural savants. This was on a Discovery channel special discussing the abilities of a Utah man named Kim Peek who has memorized almost everything he has ever read.

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has anyone ever seen the movie rain man?

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Yes, that movie is based on Kim Peek

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oh then that settles it.

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I like to say that the human mind is far too complex for even us to comprehend. The surgery that i spoke of is in its infancy and cannot be 100% sucessful. What would happen if the doc zapped just a millimeter too far right? It could result in adverse effects like loss of hearing, speech, or even worse. Your pocess abilities that you may not realize, so i suggest excercising it a little with sudoku, crosswords, and other activities that get you thinking (or make your head hurt). Everyday you dont use your mind aduequately, the affects of memory loss and aging are accelerated.

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i heard myths that humans only use ten percent of their brain.

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Why would one want to be a human calclator?

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to show off. it’s fun when you can calculate the exact tip to give :)

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I am really not astonished by people doing calculations in their heads. It usually has VERY little to do with math and a lot to do with practicing things over and over. It is like magic. Every so often they use some simple math facts and “fool” people.

Check out this question and my answer. You might like it. Make sure to watch the video. It is interesting.

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