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Is today a great day for women? Is this a mark that they have reached the same levels as men?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24882points) September 20th, 2018

Finally – a woman mass shooter!!


I have wondered for years why these shootings were an exclusively male phenomenon. Finally, today, we have a woman being just as lunatic as a man.

Is this a historic day for women’s equality, or what?

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Too soon, man.

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@elbanditoroso TBH, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner, women seem much crazier to me (just my opinion folks, chill.)

So when people joke about a female President now, is this going to be the ‘go to’ example for the misogynists?

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There was another mass shooting earlier this year perpetrated by a woman.

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Great, now I have one more sex to worry about.

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Annie Oakley rests easy tonight.

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There are others in history. On my phone, too hard to research, but Google it.

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It will be a great day for women when they are supported and not vilified for talking about their sexual assaults.

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Women who have been attacked deserve to seek justice, but not all the stories are true.

I am a woman who has been face to face with unwanted advances, physical brutality, bad behavior of many types.
I also know women who have made up stories of pregnancy or sexual attacks as revenge, or to force a marriage.

I think men who have been falsely accused should have a case for sexual misconduct against the lying accuser.

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That is what courts are for.

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No it’s not a great day for women. Half of the dominant race on this planet should not strive to be as brutal and insane as the other half.

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I mean, there was that “I don’t like monday’s” girl years ago.

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