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If you could travel through time just once, what would you do?

Asked by JeSuisRickSpringfield (5567points) September 20th, 2018

You can go as far forward or backward in time as you want, and you can end up anywhere you choose. The return trip is optional and can only bring you back to the point in time that you left. Would you take this opportunity? To what point in time would you want to travel? Would you come back to the present?

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I would go three weeks into the future. I would get some lottery info, stock activity, and other tasty tidbits.
I would return and let fly.

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Back to 1933 and shoot the horse that stomped my grandfather into sagebrush and ultimately caused his death by cancer 35 years later.
(I mean, shoot the horse before the stomping.)

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After my first year of university in 1999 I would transfer to The university of Alberta in philosophy. My second year of university screwed me up.

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Oh, there are so many do-overs I’d like to have that it would just be painful to think about them and try to pick the right one.

But I can tell you the one I’ve wished for the most often.

The last time I visited my father on the opposite coast, he was failing, and I knew before I left that I wasn’t going to see him alive again.

One of those last mornings, still trying to be self-sufficient, he got very confused and made a mess out of trying to get his own breakfast. I hadn’t wanted to take away his independence, so I had let him go ahead with it, but he’d just lost himself by then. Looking miserable, he tried to apologize.

I don’t have the instincts of a born nurse. Being pretty young and inexperienced then, I was in over my head trying to look after him, and I didn’t know how to handle things like that. So I tried to pretend things were normal, thinking that would be the most comfortable for him, and I just quietly cleaned it up.

I’d give a lot to be able to go back to that moment, walk over and give him a hug, and tell him it was all right.

Thirty-five years later, I still regret that I didn’t give him that comfort.

And yes, I’d come back to now. The only difference I would have made is the erasure of a very private, unspoken sadness I’ve carried all this time.

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If I would go backward in time I would go to the beginning of mankind to see how it occurred and find answers that plague us now and share that information.

If I were to go forward in time I would go far ahead to see what developments were invented to take care of humanity in the present and share that information.

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I’d go back in time to be a friend of Jane Austen’s and poke fun at people with her. I’d like to see Regency London but I imagine after about three weeks of muck and poor hygiene, I’d wnt to come back here.

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