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What is it like driving a luxury car?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13697points) September 21st, 2018

I’ve only driven suv’s. What is the difference? Am I missing anything? I need a car for a tall man. I only have a learners permit. Not buying a car anytime soon.

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They sit lower to the ground, the seats are usually more plush and comfy,they have all the gadgets you could want,and are extremely quiet to drive.

Give me a truck or an suv any day.

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Lots of gadgets and top price.

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Quiet. And the smoothest ride!

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It generally feels like the car has more of a grip on the road, especially high end sports cars, but even sedans feel that way, especially if they are German. I had a Porsche SUV, and even that felt more stuck to the ground than other SUV’s.

The seats are usually more comfortable. Some can move so many different ways it’s incredible. Some seats you can move the part under your left leg separate from the part under your right to adjust for one leg reaching out to the pedals, and the other not.

Many moderate cars have all the gadgets, my Kia does, but the luxury cars tend to have a lot more standard even in their base model.

Most luxury cars the dash and things like the door handles, you can just tell they are better quality.

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As a friend once said, “so comfy, it feels like I don’ have a butt.”

And the suspension is usually set for a very comfortable ride.

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Our chauffeur just said it’s nice but not without it’s pressures, when I asked if he meant tyres he laughed & said…“no sir, you know what I mean”
Ah yes, of course, pressure to perform or face being fired…bless.

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What sort of “luxury” car?

Each car can feel different in various ways.

My favorite cars to drive have been small (by American standards) good European or Japanese sedans, because I feel vastly more in control over how the car moves than I do in other cars or larger vehicles, both in terms of acceleration and handling on curves. It’s almost like an entirely different kind of vehicle.

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I drove a 1990 Rolls Royce Silver Spur II for an hour or so this summer. I didn’t find it very interesting. It was very quiet, and the ride was smooth. The maintenance costs are high which is probably a big reason you can get such a car for less than $30K US.

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What you should ask @RedDeerGuy1 is have you ever driven a super car?
A high performance machine, like 0 to 60mph in 2 seconds type thing.

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@SQUEEKY2 I’ve ridden in a Hummer with the finance and justice minsters in 1997. I was ok. Nothing special.

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A Hummer is just a over priced SUV, I’m talking about a high performance Porche, or Buggati type thing.

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@SQUEEKY2 Never seen any of those cars in real life, let alone driven one. My boss had a BMW and I couldn’t fit in it. It was meant for short people.

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A friend has an early 1960s Porsche 356 Speedster. It’s much like driving its cousin, the air-cooled Beetle, except you sit extremely low to the ground. I drove it only around town. I think on a winding mountain road it would be super fun.

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To appreciate big luxury cars, one must drive a 1960’s Cadillac. Like a ‘66. My dad had a 1960 2 door Coup D’Ville, white with black interior. Oh, MAN!!! It was a DREAM! I wish I had another, but with radial tires.

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^^^^A friend’s dad had a 68 Coup de Ville, and we would pile 7 or 8 kids in it and take off for Santa Cruz.

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