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Is your Keurig messy?

Asked by LuckyGuy (43582points) September 22nd, 2018

I know this is a “first world” problem.
When I fill a coffee cup or mug from the Keurig it splashes all over the white Keurig and the counter top. I have a ceramic block that I use as a spacer to raise the mug up so the splash is reduced.
But, after the mug is removed the K cup drips a few drops onto the block and sprays it onto the counter an even greater distance away. Now I’m thinking of a honeycomb type spacer… and so it goes.

Is your Keurig messy? Do you have to clean it often?

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I don’t drink coffee, but we have one at the office and I’ve never noticed that before. The only mess is one of the guys can’t seem to get sugar in his cup without spilling it all over the counter.

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i noticed some mess when my son used a smaller mug.

1. Use a taller mug.
2. Let it finish the last few drops before taking the mug away, just another ten seconds.

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I have a Cuisinart branded maker that will do drip or k-cups. It’s not messy.
Are you using actual k-cups or an off-brand or refillable insert? Those sometimes used to make a mess in my old machine.

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No, not at all. My coffee drips straight in the cup, no splashes. And no late drips.

Maybe the magnetic fields in western NY State?

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No mess on the counter. A few drips are caught sometimes in the bottom thingy that’s there to catch the drips. I wash it periodically. Aren’t there different size Keurig’s? Maybe it matters what size? Maybe smaller ones splash out?

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@ARE_you_kidding_me I am indeed using a refillable container. I calculated that it only costs me $0.08 per mug vs $0.30 for off brand and $0.50 – $0.70 for Keurig brand.
It does drip for quite a while after the mug is removed.

Now that I know it is possible to not make a mess I’ll experiment.
Thanks all!

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How often do you clean your Keurig? I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

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@snowberry When the descale light comes on I pour vinegar into it and run a cup or two. Then I rinse it. That happens about once per year.

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Ok, but what if it’s not limescale? Flavored coffees and hot chocolate can gum up the works a lot faster than limescale. That’s on authority from a manager from Bed Bath and Beyond. I am not familiar with the inner workings of a Keurig, but I wonder if that could play into it.

Is it possible you have coffee grounds stuck in the needle?

“All the pipes need to be descaled—but you’ve already done that. Now the tiny pins that prick the top and bottom of the K-Cup also need to be cleared out. But these do not need to be descaled. They simply need to be freed of coffee grounds!

After you’ve descaled your brewer, the tiny metal pins might still be hot: so take caution when cleaning the pins. Simply take a needle, paperclip, or toothpick and poke through the pins, clearing out any fine coffee grind build-up. It’s as simple as that.”

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