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In the future, do you see artificially intelligent digital recreations of dead celebrities bring them back to life so they can once again perform and have careers?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24987points) September 22nd, 2018 from iPhone

Elvis and Michael Jackson, Cary Grant, Elizabeth Taylor.

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“Presley was a good performer, on stage he was electrifying
When he was ill his fans got sick and moaned when he had died
Elvis is dead
To all you pimps making money on his name
How do you speak, don’t you feel ashamed?
He went through the test, he’s out of this mess
Be my guest and let him rest
Elvis has left the building

I don’t see them build ‘new careers’.
I do see people going to make money over their dead bodies, though.

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So basically Kirk Douglas yeah?

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I believe that is currently being done.

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I want to see Chris Reeve
play Superman again.

The tech seems to be already here but no venture capitalist asking yet his son or whoever has the right to Reeve’s image for permission.

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We have that now. It’s called CGI.

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Heaven forbid!!

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Somehow the word “career” seems inappropriate, unless you would consider such things as recordings to be sentient entities.

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^^ Yes, something like that. They’re AI who makes decisions on what movie roles to play or songs to sing.

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Kind of like Sir Alec Guinness in the later produced Star Wars movies?

An AI can’t recreate something that is wholly new for a dead actor. They could slice and dice past performances, but not something new.

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No. I see terrible attempts at something like that already happening, and at best achieving a horrible uncanny valley effect. q.v. Rogue One versions of Peter Cushing and young Carrie Fisher… egad!

I foresee future unfortunate attempts.

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No , as society always has new celebrities on the scene to replace the older generation of ‘Stars”.
No one has used 1940’s Stars likeness, so why now?
Each Generation has its own heroes.

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I guess it’s possible. They can just use a hologram too.

I think cloning is more likely. The current scientists who fund and clone horses are asked to clone people and they refuse on ethical reasons, but one day someone will probably do it. Another scientists who won’t have a moral problem with it. Cloning won’t guarantee the person will want to go into the same career field though.

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You mean like Peter Cushing in Rebel One? Such a bad idea.
It wasn’t even close to the Uncanny Valley.

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^^ It seems to me it’s inevitable. The perfection of CGI tech.

Our eyes would not be able to tell the difference between a real actor and a digital one on the wide screen and TV.

He or she would reside in a hard drive, possessing AI limited only by whoever has override power over him or her.

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Deceased celebrity careers. That’s new one! If I was such a celebrity, it couldn’t be called my career if I couldn’t control it myself. If I was aware that such a thing might happen I wouldn’t be happy to be someone’s puppet.

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The problem is, actors and performers have personalities and talents that cannot be replicated along with an actual image of the person.

Lets use Shirley Temple as an example. I’d love to see her as she was at eight-eleven years old in the role of Annie. Both have a 1940s theme and involve talented child stars. But can you imagine manipulating Shirley Temple’s traits and demeanor and grafting it into the songs and dancing and acting in the musical Annie? Its more than just the performer’s looks and voice.

So, along with the computer generated imagery, there would have to be an actor or impersonator who can really do a good replication of the actor or musician’s style and the image of the intended performer grafted into the scene.

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