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How tall is 6 feet 6 inches?

Asked by JessieEvans (15points) September 22nd, 2018


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1.9812 meters
6 and a half feet
6 feet 6 inches
Taller than the average man.

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Taller than me !

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78 inches
taller than Donald Trump
as tall as Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan

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I guess you want to measure it without having a tape or something. If that’s the case here’s link for that.

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A dollar bill is 6 inch tall so yours will equal 13 dollar bills connected end to end (vertically).

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Imagine it as a piece of string. It would then be exactly that long.

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Close to the same height as Hulk Hogan.

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It’s about 4 inches shorter than a typical doorway.

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^Yep. I have to squeeze into most doorways. I’m a bit over 6’5, and I am down to 260 lbs, from over 300, when I was a bouncer… My “new” house was built in the 1940’s. 8 ft ceilings are normal, but the doorways are shorter, and skinnier, than me….

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One rebbel.

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19.5 hands a big horse such as a Clydesdale or about 4 and a third cubits

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Very tall in general, but shorter than average for the NBA.

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2 inches more than me

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a lot taller then 5’3

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@josie 2 inches more than me I had no idea you’re so tall, you long drink of water, you!

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Approximately 0.000000000000000209413 light years.

or 6 podes, 6 daktyloi

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