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What do you think should Kavanaugh do at this point to get a SC seat?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22377points) September 23rd, 2018 from iPhone

Now that there is a second woman who came out with an accusation….IF and only IF Kavanaugh knows he did those things in the past, what should he do now as his best chance of still getting confirmed?

Fight the allegations or come out saying yes, he might have done things of that nature and with great remorse he regrets doing them and he apologizes to Ford…

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Maybe his only chance is to ask for forgiveness and say it was him being an idiot/asshole as a young man. A lot of people would probably give him a pass, having been idiots themselves, or just because he was young. It matters how horrific the stories are from other women.

I think it would be an uphill battle for Kavanaugh. People might accept his apology, and be forgiving to him the person, but being ok with him holding a position on the Supreme Court is another thing.

I’m thinking about Roman Polanski, who actually raped the girl (statutory rape and had drugged her) and he was convicted, of maybe he plead guilty to a Lessie crime I don’t remember exactly. The woman herself (she was 13 at the time and he a grown adult) years later didn’t want him to serve time for the crime, and wanted the judicial system to drop it.

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The only thing he can do, and will do, is continue to lie. He’s already lied multiple times, about something really horrific. He can’t now claim “innocent youthful indiscretions”. These allegations are not cute, they’re disgusting. So if he cops to them, he’ll still look like a disgusting sexual assaulter. The only thing he can do is continue to lie and hope that the greedy Republicans in Congress will vote him in, and the idiot Republicans who haven’t got a clue in the world, will actively support him and Donald Trump, not knowing that some of their own mothers, and sisters, and daughters have been raped and sexually assaulted. Unless they see it with their own eyes, they don’t believe it happened. Sick SOBs.

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“IF and only IF Kavanaugh knows he did those things in the past, what should he do now as his best chance of still getting confirmed?”
– What he should do, is take a page from the “being a judge” pamphlet he should have memorized long ago, and tell the full truth of the matter, and explain that he understands he made a horrible impact on people he assaulted, and so on. He should explain why he hasn’t felt a need to do so until this point. That’s what judges are supposed to feel is important.

But if you mean, “what should he do, if he’s also a sleazebag who just wants his SC seat no matter what the right thing to do is”, well he should probably say “no comment” or “I don’t technically need to say anything because LEGAL MUMBO JUMBO, just like I think presidents shouldn’t be investigated or charged with anything” and/or “I plead the 5th” and hope that Republicans all vote lock-step to force him into the position before the full story comes out and any of them find any loose threads of human decency.

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I don’t yet know exact details, but the nightmare scenario for Kavanaugh is any hint of serial offenses. Apparently this latest woman has obtained Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti to represent her. Worse, Avenatti claims to have an entourage of witnesses prepared to testify to Kavanaugh’s habit of getting women drunk in order to exploit them sexually. All in all, there’s a sordid mess ahead for the nominee that threatens more than his appointment to the Supreme Court. His career as a jurist is now on the line.

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Now that a second woman has accused Kavanaugh, he’s done. Adiós, Brett. Good riddance.

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I think the accusations are true but are fairly minor. Kavanaugh should have told the truth from the start but it is too late now.

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It’s not like he’s going to get any Democratic votes. He should go ahead and call the women whores and brag about the bitches he raped.

Republicans love that. Conservatives are pro-rape. Look at their admiration for President Pussy Grabber and Roy Moore.

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I think Kavanaugh’s candidacy is probably doomed. The 2 Republican women in the Senate now face an impossible road to justification for his confitmation.

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^^ Meyer, a reporter was interviewed this morning in Morning Joe and she mentioned supposed witness Judge…his ex-gf in college at Catholic University emailed Ford saying Judge told her he and his friends slept with the same girls then. ( probably at the same time? )

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I think the accusations are true but are fairly minor.

She says he was trying to tear off her clothes, and put his hand over her mouth when she tried to scream. It only ended when Kavanaugh’s drunk friend jumped on top and they all fell off the bed.

It’s also been shown that he committed the crime of perjury before Congress on more than one occassion.

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9/27/18 Five accusations so far.
I do know that you most likely are who you hang out with in school. His friend wrote a book about how he stayed drunk most of the time in high school and college. Kavanaugh would have us believe he was a church going, studious guy that never partied.
And as an aside note: who keeps calendars from 1985?

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@stanleybmanly Swetnick made a statement saying Kavanaugh spiked the punch. The point of the punch is the alcohol, everyone in my high school (I went to the same high school as Swetnick) knew the punch at the parties had alcohol. The drunk girls were probably happy Kavanaugh was able to get his hands in some alcohol for them. Pretty much almost everyone in my high school would probably agree with what I just said. Putting that in her statement is just ridiculous to me.

The rest of her statement of course is troublesome. He might have molested or restrained girls who were so drunk they couldn’t protest, it wouldn’t surprise me. So far, I don’t think anyone has accused him of actually raping a girl, although I tend to believe Ford was terrified that was his goal with her.

In our high school (Swetnick and myself) girls were sometimes grabbed just walking through the halls. “Jock Junction” (two halls intersected in the middle of the school) was known to have guys hanging out looking at girls, sometimes catcalling, sometimes more. It wasn’t a constant barrage of being harassed, but guys were assholes often enough.

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