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A bunch of fools duct taped a female university student to her dorm room door in 1999 would It go against me in the future?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13697points) September 23rd, 2018

I asked if she was ok and she laughed. Could that hinder me from going into public service? On a side note do you have any dirt on you that would hinder you from getting a public service job? Would you share your dirt? To affect future careers like judge and government.

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We’re you one of those fools?
Else I don’t get it why it would (possibly) go against you.

I’m squeaky clean (ish).

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@rebbel No. However I didn’t put a stop to it because she said that she was fine.

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I don’t have anything where I physically restrained or hurt someone. I don’t even think there is anything where someone would say I was verbally harsh or abusive, and in fact I have come to the defense of people being treated badly.

I think the only thing that could work against me is stuff I have written online, especially if taken out of context, and I do regret having written some of it for the very reason of running for public office.

I’ve been asked more than once to run, and I would have seriously considered it, if I had never written some of the things I have. Discussions about race are the ones that most stand out. Especially, when talking about statistics or generalizations, whether they ring true or not, people can’t handle it, and easily twist statements like that. Even if the discussion was more like a sociological discussion of fact without judgement.

Also, discussing politics online, some of the public office positions have really nothing to do with being a democrat or republican, but if it’s public knowledge where I stand on issues, even if completely irrelevant to the position, I think it would matter where I live.

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If there is not dirt, it can be invented easily enough. That’s what gossip and the news media is for! Everybody knows that if something is in print it has to be true! (Note the heavy sarcasm.) If you’re in office and enough people want you out, you will be drummed out, threatened out or kicked out.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Ah, gotcha.
Good on you for asking about her well-being.
I think you are fine (regarding working in public service).

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No, you will be fine, unless you run for mayor in Red Deer then all bets are off.

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I think we should nominate @RedDeerGuy1 as the unofficial Mayor of Fluther!

What say ye?

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I’m for it!

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