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What would be your reaction, if the sun stopped rising?

Asked by Brian1946 (24742points) September 25th, 2018

Let’s say you get up, it’s still dark, and it stays dark for the rest of the day, even though there’s little or no cloud coverage. The night never leaves.

What would you do after your initial reaction?

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Find a gun and ammo and get to a secure, defensible location with food, water and my loved ones. I’m saying this as someone who doesn’t own a gun and believes in strong gun control laws.

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Prepare for the subsequent alien invasion.

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Could it be said that your presence here, is proof that the invasion has already begun?

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I’d be wondering why the gravitation pull doesn’t feel different than usual, and turning on the TV trying to find out what is going on, and calling my parents and sister and freaking out.

Unless, I was way way north in the winter, and maybe I just missed the four hours of sunlight, because I slept through it.

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Grab an extra blanket, get back under the covers.

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You will know the day of invasion is at hand, when you and most other humans wake up without their ring muscles.

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Surprise followed by
Shock, then by
Anger and finally, after I sober up again,

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“you and most other humans wake up without their ring muscles”.

You’re going to steal our sphincters and rob us our ability to whistle? Apparently you’re just now receiving the conversations of California male goons from the 50’s and 60’s, and are taking the phrase, “get a piece of ass” too literally.

How about starting with the biggest assholes on Earth? They have infested the grandiose structure at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Don’t you provide asylum for the victims and opponents of Earth’s patriarchal oppressors?

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No sunrise? Immediately switch on the tv & the radio. Grab the phone and call my sister or nephew in Virginia to see if the laws of physics have been suspended elsewhere, and if so, gauge the extent of the panic from those 3 hours ahead of me.

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No sunrise….this sucks.

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Have my eyes examined.

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That my alarm radio was busted.

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If the sun stopped shining I’d adjust my aperture.

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I would look around for Bill Withers

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