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Are Republican politicians confident they will not lose their female voters come mid-terms once they confirm Kavanaugh this week?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22340points) September 26th, 2018 from iPhone

And what does it say about Republican women or any women who are skeptical if not downright dismissive of Ford?

There will be a vote this week quickly right after Ford’s testimony making clear Republicans don’t really care about anything she has to say.

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I know a lot of Republican women who support Kavanaugh and are very vocal about the “Democrats being horrible for putting his family through this.”

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skepticism is ok until you hear the testimony but questioning the relevance of the claim because of timing is not.

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@rojo I don’t question Ford’s timing, and I ridicule anyone who criticizes Ford for not coming forward at the time of the event or even in the last 30 years, but I do understand why Republicans question the timing of when it was released to the public after Ford came forward with her story. I do think it was likely carefully timed by politicians when to release Ford’s statement, we know she had come forward weeks or months before, and Democrats conflating questioning the timing of a woman telling her story with politicians orchestrating the best timing is a mistake in my opinion. It hurts Ford, hurts all women, and helps the Republicans completely dismiss us.

I was watching Cuomo a few days ago and he said basically the same, I was happy to see it. He also said the Republicans should be in favor of an investigation and rush things. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

Ford basically admits to finally telling her story, because it bothered her that a man who did that could be on our Supreme Court. There is nothing wrong with that regarding timing.

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They may lose some independents but Republican women seem to be discounting Ford’s testimony, or the importance of a young man’s drunken behavior, a priori from what I read.

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The Trumpford wives are very well trained & will do as they are told!!!

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Of course they are confident. They have no morals.

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There are a lot of conservative females on the right who want the man in regardless because he will support their agenda. They still won’t care if Fords claims are found to be true. As far as I have read into this there still is no evidence to back up her claims, I’m all for looking into it but those on the left are ready to string the man up because he does not support their agenda. This is politics at its nastiest and don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise.

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Republicans only care for the wealthy and elite, giving that huge tax cut to the wealthy, and stopping an already approved pay raise to government workers prove just that.
NOW they will lose some women voters but in my opinion seem to care less about it,shoving Kavanaugh in before the midterms seems to be the highest priority right now.

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Nobody really wins on this deal.
Anyway, I thought Republicans lost all the women voters in the last general.
But regardless of whom you believe, what evidence is there that you can accept one story and reject the other?
What makes one story more credible than the other in this case.

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^^ More women who are white voted for trump more than Hillary.

To get evidence the FBI needs to get involved. But the Republicans would never go for that. Unless they’re the ones who wanted it.

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A Facebook friend of mine who doesn’t like Trump, who I assume is an independent, but might be a democrat, who is an author, and I think she did some journalism work too, she wrote this today:

Last year, when the accusations of #metoo started, directed against men in positions of power abusing women, and also, adult men abusing girls, I wrote a post saying that that had never happened to me.

Then, I was talking with my husband, and told him about a time when I was walking to high school, and a friend pulled over and invited me to a party. It took me about 2 minutes to decide to go.

Some party it turned out to be. I was the only girl there, and being with a bunch of boys was boring as hell. So, I grabbed a book and headed to a bedroom to read in peace and quiet.

Two boys came in and announced that I was in the bedroom because I wanted to have sex with them, which I denied. They attacked me and started trying to take off my clothes.

Another boy heard me screaming and came in and pulled them off me, and told them he would kick their asses if they touched me again, so they backed off.

My husband stared at me, and said ’‘You were sexually assaulted’’.

I said, “Well, yes, but the rules of #metoo are, it can’t be someone your own age, it has to be your boss or someone like that’’.

And now, here we are, 18 months later, and the rules have changed.

Let me just say that the only conclusion I drew from the incident was that Dickie Snuggs was an even bigger asshole than I already knew that he was. I did not draw the conclusion that all males were assholes, because I already knew that they weren’t (and that he was), and one of them had saved me.

I’m pretty sure that Dickie Snuggs ended up in prison, and will not be nominated to the Supreme Court, but if he is, I’m telling this now. You know, to be ready.

I asked her a few things, but I’ll be brief here. I asked her if she was traumatized in anyway by the event. She said no, once she escaped she just chalked it up to those boys being assholes. I asked her if she would want to press charges if there was no statute of limitations. She answered no.

That is a perfect example of why women can forgive this sort of crap if it’s just one horrible drunk teenage incident, it has happened to a bunch of us girls.

The investigation is important, because if there is a pattern that is something else.

Also, I’m tired of people telling women they have to be traumatized. Thank goodness when we aren’t. You don’t have to be traumatized to still be able to say that a man who does that committed assault, it’s still an assault.

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Anyone who still supports Trump at this point is morally bankrupt and there’s no hope for them. What we need to focus on is getting people of conscience who didn’t vote before to vote in November. I hope this shitshow will have the silver lining of convincing many women to vote for the first time in November.

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I’m tired of women invalidating the experiences of other women because their experiences didn’t bother them. It’s disgusting. We don’t get to tell other women their feelings are invalid when it comes to any type of sexual assault. Any woman who brushes these things off as boys will be boys is part of the problem.

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@JLeslie Not all women (and men, for that matter) are the same.
She chalked it up; great for her.
Others do get traumatized (by similar/same events).
Clearly, Mrs Blasey Ford has every fucking right to come forward (if he did what she said he did).
He had to keep his fucking hands to himself.

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Interesting article by a David Brock who worked with Kavanaugh about 20 years ago. You can tell his take on the man by the title of his paper: I knew Brett Kavanaugh during his years as a Republican operative. Don’t let him sit on the Supreme Court.

Interesting bunch that he ran with in those days and where they are now. From the article: …. There was his colleague on the Starr investigation, Alex Azar, now the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Mark Paoletta is now chief counsel to Vice President Mike Pence; House anti-Clinton gumshoe Barbara Comstock is now a Republican member of Congress. Future Fox News personalities Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson were there with Ann Coulter, now a best-selling author, and internet provocateur Matt Drudge. Oh yeah, and let us not forget George Conway, Kellyanne’s husband.

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@rojo That Brock article deserves another post of its own.

Brock should speak at the Senate.

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@rebbel Exactly right, not everyone is the same.

As I’ve said many many time, of course Ford has a right to come forward, and I think Kavanaugh should be investigated.

People seem to think that because I explain the other point of view I’m against Ford, and her coming forward. I’m not. I think she had a genuine concern for what type of person might be occupying our Supreme Court.

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None of us know, at least at this point, whether Ford is truthful and/or accurate.

If she is, but it was one drunken incident, no less upsetting for her, but…
Does nobody here believe teens are not adults, but kids clumsily trying to be adults?
Does nobody believe a boy could do such a thing, and realize later what he did, and hate that it happened?
I’m seeing mob mentality here.
Might as well simply execute every criminal at first offense, because there is no hope they will mature, rehabilitate.

If a pattern could be proven, I would agree he should not be appointed.
If it was a one time occurance, I think we should consider the possibility he felt regret, and grew up some as a result.
If we hold a one time mistake made as a teen against someone for their whole life, it makes for ugly outcome.
How many teen girls make the mistake of losing their virginity willingly, and later regret it? That takes us back to society permanently labeling her a whore, and shunning her forever, no matter how smart or talented a citizen she might become.
I’m not saying accusation of assault should be swept away, but there needs to be some concept involved.

What are we telling floundering teens who make mistakes, both male and female, if we don’t allow for any personal growth whatsoever?

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There might be a pattern, since accuser number three has just surfaced.

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You know what would make this go away?

An impartial investigation.

It is just a pity that the American people are not allowed that.

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@Patty_Melt How would we know Kavanaugh has regrets if he did it? Already he’s denied any of these things occurred.

If he is innocent no one should even expect him to be regretful of anything related to those allegations.

More stories are coming up about Kavanaugh’s personality, attitude and behavior and unbiased analysis would point towards him being flawed for a Supreme Court seat.

David Brock’s article is a revelation and credible info source on what kind of a man Kavanaugh is.

Mob mentality? As in Republicans clamoring for Clinton’s head over computer servers?

Why is it that it seems so hard for you to sympathize with Ford? What about the risks she is taking? It’s either she is lying and fabricating or she’s telling the truth. Which is it most likely at this stage when one party wants an FBI investigation and the other not.

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Also, of the two of them, only one has a record of lying to Congress.

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Supposedly, one of the women that came forward lived about 10 blocks from me and graduated from my high school 5 (maybe 6) years ahead of me. She would have gone to the same pool as me in the summer. I had friends that lived on her same street. I’d need to see her photo to see if I remember her. I’m not sure all this information is correct.

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Absolutely. Women that are going to get upset about Kavanaugh being confirmed wouldn’t vote for Republicans anyway.

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^^I’m sure there will be some republicans that are pretty upset. I just read a few articles on the woman who came forward who grew up near me. They interviewed the father of a classmate of mine in the article. It’s hard to believe this is all made up, there has to be some truth I think.

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@pattymelt going by your thoughts that he could’ve done something stupid as a teenager then why hasn’t he owned up to it, or even said he doesn’t remember it happening, but if it did, he is sorry. The outcome would have been very different, I believe.

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@chyna Men tend to deny deny deny.

I think if he had told the truth (assuming the truth is he attacked Ford) he would have been done. This isn’t the Alabama race with child molester Roy Moore who would be elected by secret ballot voters in the state of AL. It’s for the Supreme Court, which will be voted on by our Senators on record. I think at least a few republicans would have flipped on him and voted nay if it had gone to a vote. I might be wrong though.

He might not remember Ford. If he did this sort of thing quite a bit, she was just one of the many at house parties. Some girls probably with him willingly, some not. I avoided the house parties overall, but had been to a few. Heavy drinking, and cops would break them up usually by midnight. I heard stories of drugs and sex also.

Too bad Auggie isn’t here, she might have been to more of the parties. She was my grade though.

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Why hasn’t he owned up to it?
The same things that hold back victims; guilt, shame, a desire for it to have never happened.

But, that is if it even happened.

I do agree admitting and apologizing would be best, but sometimes we just can’t.

When I joined the Navy I was striking for a security clearance. They interviewed me during bootcamp for the clearance. They asked if I had ever used any illegal drugs. I admitted to having used pot a few times.
My clearance was denied because I had put on the entrance forms no I had not.

I should have told the truth right from the beginning, but I was scared I would go to jail instead of the navy.

If she ever approached him (not necessarily in person) without a delegation, he might have apologized.
Anyway, that is still on the assumption he did it.

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