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What events in life personal and general seem Twilight Zonish to you as exemplified by Judge Kavanaugh describing a third allegation against him?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27281points) September 26th, 2018 from iPhone

Strange, bizarre and creepy yet thought provoking and sometimes reflective of the truth.

This is how I see episodes of the TV series The Twilight Zone.

Supreme Court candidate Judge Kavanaugh described the news that a third woman came out with allegations against him as Twilight Zone like.

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The most Twilight Zonish event in my life has been the election of Donald Trump as President. It feels as though we have somehow slipped into a crazy alternative reality. I find it hard to believe it is really happening but it is, it has happened before and it has been predicted that it could happen again. Frank Zappa said this in an interview back in 1991…..

“Let me point out something about democracy. Does anybody remember how Hitler took over Germany? He was voted in. People said, yeah, he’s got the right message for us. Now when you have a democracy, there’s always the possibility that the guy who could turn out to be the biggest menace to the planet could just get voted in. And the place where it’s most likely to happen is here, because of the media saturation, the illiteracy rate of the population, the social desperation of the population. Hitler came to power because things weren’t so good.”

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^^ Eactly! And pretty much every single day of his Presidency, there has been some seriously effed up thing that he has said, or revelations that have come to light that are of a huge magnitude. I’ve never experienced so much awfulness surrounding a President, ever, and it’s something new and awful, every single day.

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His ability to make money appear out of thin air. The Many Mysteries of Brett Kavanaugh’s Finances without any visible means.

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Seeing people on the bus, the street, everywhere including me with bent necks, faces glued on cellphone screens is pretty much Twilight Zonish to me.

Way back in 1991 my friend and I had disagreed about the cellphones. I had a bad feeling about it while to him, it could save lives.

PS – trump is so far the worst Twilight Zonish thing that I’m seeing and living in the midst of right now. I get this feeling this is the beginning of the end of the “American Empire.”

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Pop-up experiences.

As much as I love to go to one, looking around at people at one of these events gives me the creeps.

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