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Which is your kind of city, NYC or DC?

Asked by mazingerz88 (23796points) September 27th, 2018 from iPhone

A friend of mine made the remark years ago that he liked DC better. He had visited both as a tourist and he lives in LA.

I never did get to ask him why he preferred DC before we lost contact.

If you had the chance to live in either one, which city would you choose and why?

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What’s DC?

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@janbb Thanks.
New York City
I liked the buzz.
Have not been to Washington, but there’s something that would hold me back (in the 00’s it was the murder capitol of the country, I believe(?); not welcoming to me).

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DC is only involved in politics. It is everywhere, from being full of young people working as aides or interns, to major buildings being home to lobbying groups. Otherwise, it really is boring, and does not have a very vibrant scene.

NY has a bit of frisson on every block, something new or different or surprisng.

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I haven’t spent much time in DC so I can’t really say whether I’d enjoy living there, however I can say I would hate to live in NYC and would therefore pick almost any other place over it. As an introvert who doesn’t like crowds, I get anxious and overwhelmed after just a couple of days in NYC; can’t imagine living there all the time.

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@mariah. Come live in WV! More than 4 people in a grocery line is a crowd!

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I love them both. DC is a wonderful walking city, and I love visiting and site seeing, but I would rather live in NYC. It is brimming with culture.
That said, I would rather live in San Francisco, because it is both a great walking city, and full of culture.

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I grew up in DC metro area, and have spent a lot of time in NYC. So, here I am very familiar with both, and it’s difficult for me to answer. I think I would say NYC if you mean I need to live in the city proper. If I’m living in the suburbs my answer might be different. I think NYC is more friendly and more convenient. But, DC is beautiful and it’s a low city (all buildings shorter than the Washington monument) so it has a slightly different feel.

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Neither, Chicago…it’s my kinda town.

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^^Of course. DC movies are crap.

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Neither. Jackson Hole WY is more my kind of town.

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