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Are Brazilians considered Latinos?

Asked by Suivre (23points) September 28th, 2018
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There is not one single definition of a Latino – some people say that Latinos have to come from Latin America, which does not include Brazil. Others say that Latinos can be from anywhere in South America.

Brazilians speak Portuguese, not Spanish, so that’s not a way of telling, either.

In my opinion, Brazilians are NOT Latinos. But you can disagree.

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All citizens speaking Portuguese, Spanish or French are referred to as Latinos in the country. The predominant language in Brazil is Portuguese so I don’t think they would feel insulted to be called a Latino. Those who speak Spanish are called Hispanics. So, I guess it varies from individual to individual.

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Brazil is part of Latin America, so yes they are Latinos. Although, I guess citizens of Belize aren’t Latinos, because they are English speaking and not from the Iberian peninsula like Brazil and Spanish speaking countries in Latin America. The citizens in the Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries in Latin America are Latinos.

I always say it’s better to just say the country where someone is from when not completely sure of heritage.

I usually say my husband is Mexican, although Hispanic and Latin American are correct also. Additionaly, he is from North America, since Mexico is part of North America, but does NA clue you into that he was born in Mexico and Spanish is his first language? I can tell you for sure his name doesn’t clue you in to being Mexican. He’s only ¼ Spanish, so is he Hispanic enough? “Latino” enough?

Are Israelis from the Middle East? From Asia? Yup. If someone says Asian or Middle Eastern do you typically think of Jewish Israelis? Common usage and technical definitions don’t always line up.

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There are Latinos, Hispanics, Chicanos. I never learned the difference. @JLeslie helped here. Thx.

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Here’s Wiki if you wanna know more about it!

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@RocketGuy I think Chicano is usually taken as derogatory at this point, I don’t know if it always was. I never hear it used anymore.

To make things more complicated, some people use “Mexican” to mean any Spanish speaking person from south of the border, which I find ridiculous and ignorant, but so many people do it I guess it’s worth mentioning even though I feel it should always be corrected.

Speaking out of school side note: my MIL gets really pissed when people use “Mexican” for every Spanish speaking person, but she calls every East Asian looking person “Chinese” so WTH?! I correct her, only because of the blatant hypocrisy.

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According to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th. ed.,
“Latin America 1 Spanish America & Brazil 2 all of the Americas S of the U.S.”
“Latino… 1 : a native or inhabitant of Latin America 2 : a person of Latin American origin living in the U.S. ”

FYI – Chicano is not listed.

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Actually, no. A Brazilian is a unit of measure as illustrated in this text of a conversation between George Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney:

The news one night anounced the death of three Brazilian soldiers killed in action in Iraq. When George Bush received word of the losses of these brave men he turns to Dick Cheney and asks, “Three Brazilian soldiers, so sad… So remind me Dick,is a Brazilian more or less than a million”?

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When I was in college, there was a Chicano students’s group in addition to a Latino students’s group. Didn’t seem derogatory to me.

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Any language that derives from Latin would be considered Latin American. Note: Latin AMERICAN! All people south of Texas down to the tip of South AMERICA are AMERICANS.

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