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How do you find temp agencies?

Asked by mikey7183 (338points) August 20th, 2008

I need to get a job and live in new york metro area

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Google, Yellow pages, newspaper

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What type of work do your want? Robert Half International has branches of Office Team (office and general), Accountemps, and a technical agency in almost every major city. Go to their site and put in your ZIP Code to find the branch near you.

Kelly Services is another big national name. They handle everything from light warehouse work to office to technical also.

You can file your resume online, but it is better to go in person.

Remember to dress like you are going to a job interview. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Keep after the counselor placing people. Be patient. They may not offer you the best spots until they have confidence in the quality of your work. Do your best on each assingment.

For labor-type work, try Labor Ready or Manpower.

Good luck.

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If you work for Labor Ready be sure you get there as soon as they open in the morning so you can sign in first. The closer you are to the top of the list the sooner you will get put on a job. The later you show the less likely you will get put on a job at all and you end up sitting around there all day doing nothing.

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Google has a bunch! cheeck here. Good luck!

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My friends and I (college graduates) have had the best luck with:

1. Atrium Staffing
2. Core Staffing

I would go straight to Atrium, they’re way more on top of it but you should sign up for as many as possible. I was in your position in NYC last year. One thing to note is that you will most likely have to take a computer skills/typing test but you can sometimes opt to do that from home. I have a friend who had another friend take the test for him. One other thing is that you should show up to the agency dressed like you would for an interview. Trust me on this one, they will notice.

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The yellow pages.

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