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Favorite kitchen disasters 2: "I once put in way too much..."--what?

Asked by Jeruba (51916points) October 1st, 2018

Salt? cayenne pepper? baking soda? water? What?

What happened? and what happened after that?

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Nutmeg in baked potatoes. I was trying to make Otik’s Spiced potatoes from the Dragon Lance novels , but didn’t have the recipe.

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I once put cinnamon instead of chili powder into four pounds of chili I was making for the freezer. We were poor then so we ate it all winter.

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I once had a spice bottle of red pepper flakes spill as I was shaking them into a dish (the little plastic piece with the holes fell off and the entire bottle emptied). Needless to say, the dish was ruined.

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Cookie making in a college apartment. My roommate and I confused the canisters and mistook the milk powder for the flour. The results were essentially super lacy cookies, tasty but really odd.

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I made chicken stock with way, way too much salt. I’d invested the time and couldn’t bare to waste it. I froze it in quart bags, thinking I could water it down and use it for making rice or other non-soup uses.

But I didn’t label them, they looked like all the other stock. So for months it was Russian roulette when I defrosted a bag.

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Vegetable oil in Brownies.
It said ⅓ a cup. I put in 1⅓

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…xmas bonus, chef didn’t deserve such a seasonal raise, too soft I am, way too soft.

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