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Wall Mounted Flatscreen- good idea or bad in earthquake prone San Francisco?

Asked by jballou (2113points) August 20th, 2008

Just wondering if it’s worth it to mount, considering even a minor trembler might cause it to come tumbling down and shatter to the floor.

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I’m sure it’ll be ok if it’s mounted properly. And if an earthquake strong enough to knock it off it’s mounting occurs, my bet is that there will be more damage to worry about than the television.

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Question is, would it falling over if left on a regular stand, standing on a table, do it less damage or more than falling off the wall mount? Not wall mounting it may not protect it any better…

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you can’t just mount it anywhere…you need to find the beams behind the drywall… long as it’s mounted to the beams, it will stay put during the earthquakes (it will probably be safer on the wall actually).
I have 4 flat screens mounted on walls in my house, 3 are 42” and the other is 38” .
We recently had a pretty good earthquake and they all stayed in place.

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Where do you live in the city. Are you on a hill?

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This is how you go completely overboard to protect your home appliances from earth quake!!!

What a question, you are worried about your expensive toy, ha. use a bolt into a stud, that should do it, make it at least a 1/4 inch bolt, and make sure you got the center of stud, that wont shake out of the wall. and make sure your drill bit is slightly smaller then the bolt, and use a torch wrench to twist it in.

Better yet, find the stud you want to mount it on, take out a square of sheet rock around the stud. bolt two more 6” cuts of 2X4 on to the stud, and cover that with plywood. then use four bolts in a bracket, repair the sheet rock, re paint, and then mount the flat screen,

Because in an earth quake it shakes, use sticky foam tape on the wall where the flat screen contacts to stop damage from happening when it shakes, preventing the flat screen from bouncing on a hard surface

Hope this helps you go “Completely overboard with Scrumpulator”

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@Scrumpulator – Dude, great answer. There is no overboard when you buy a $2500 television.

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