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What made Trump ridicule Ford after saying she was credible?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26847points) October 3rd, 2018 from iPhone

As asked.

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Because Trump sees himself as a macho man, and therefore superior to any woman.

Add to that – Trump has the support of old white males, who think that they are the custodians of all which is right and proper in the world.

So you have this powerful man who feels superior and entitled – and you have this uppity woman who dares to get in the way of Trump’s plans (and those of his enablers and supporters).

My question is this: given the Trump attitude to the world, why did it take him five days to demean her? I would have expected this last weekend.

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He is constatnly playing to the crowd. By saying she was credible he got women to approve of him for 10 seconds. By ridiculing her he got right wingers to continue to approve of him.

The fact is: she was way more credible. She was polite, on point, and answered the questions.
He on the other hand was a basket case. He did not answer the questions as asked. And when he did he twisted them around and was quite disrespectful. He lied about a number of items. He faked emotional outbursts (sobbing while talking about lifting weights at Brad’s or Dugie’s, or Spiffy’s house) . He continually brought up irrelevant points His dad reading his calendar to him at Christmas time… Oh brother.

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He’s getting scared. The louder and more obnoxious he gets the more you can assume he is scared of what’s coming, scared of the truth or scared that his lies will be exposed.

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When he said she was credible he was reading a prepared script. Someone was desperately trying to make him look presidential.
But then they turned him loose without a baby sitter, and he reverted to his egomaniacal, misogynistic self.
@tinyfaery with everything he’s gotten away with, I wonder if he really is scared? Is his ego too big to allow him any kind of fear?

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I think it’s an unconscious response. He doesn’t strike me as someone who is at all self-aware. I’ve just noticed that the more negative press something he approves of gets the more irate and childish his response.

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Distraction. Pay attention to this egregiously horrible behavior and maybe you’ll miss the NY Times story (published yesterday) that documents this crooked charlatan’s false claims, financial schemes, and tax fraud going back decades.

I never saw any of his TV shows. Last night on YouTube I watched the opening sequences of “The Apprentice” for the first two seasons. They are literally and explicitly all about money. I thought they were disgusting. Maybe people who voted for him feel like they’re vicariously getting a piece of that filthy richness.

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To many people, she didn’t come off well at the hearing. Looks like we don’t get to see the FBI report anyway, typical.

The top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, sided with McConnell, telling reporters at midday that she was concerned about witness confidentiality being breached should the reports be made public.

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I don’t think the FBI hasn’t finished the investigation @KNOWITALL. I’ll go look further. It may be a good thing for your side if we don’t get to see the report.

Jeruba, I have to question this accepted idea that while we’re being side tracked terrible stuff is being pushed through congress, as though we would actually know anything about it in the first place. We HAVE people in place to vote for our best interests, whether we’re paying attention or not, do we not?

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@Dutchess_III One last time, I don’t have a side, I vote candidate not party and have voted for different parties based on that.

It’s supposed to be finished today, but not released to us. Pretty disgusting way to handle it after a public hearing.

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Well, let me rephrase this. You believe Ford was lying. Not releasing the results may be a good thing for you. If they found that there is merit to her accusations you don’t have to hear about it.

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Trump lacks an internal moral compass and will say whatever he feels it is expedient to say at any particular time and to any particular audience. Do not expect consistency from the man. He is a sham.

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Trump did not mock Ford.

He quickly ran through six of the questions asked and gave her answers, which were “I don’t know.” This was a quick summery of the relevant questions.

There was no tone or voice involved that would have been indicative of mocking. Just the questions and ‘I don’t know” responses.

You cannot build a case on ‘I don’t know’ answers from the accuser.

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I loved how the UN laughed at him…which took him by surprise. He had NO idea how to process it. None. Except to play along, cluelessly.

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“I had one beer. Well, do you think it was—nope, it was one beer,” Trump said, mimicking Ford’s testimony last week to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“How did you get home? I don’t remember. How’d you get there? I don’t remember. Where is the place? I don’t remember. How many years ago was it? I don’t know.”

Trump’s comments were met with laughter and applause from the crowd.

“I don’t know. I don’t know,” the President continued. “What neighborhood was it in? I don’t know. Where’s the house? I don’t know. Upstairs, downstairs—where was it? I don’t know—but I had one beer. That’s the only thing I remember.”

Here is a short clip of it so you can get the tone of voice. Perhaps you just aren’t very good at understanding the nuances of people being mocked and insulted? Were you unable to pick up on the nuance of Trump mocking the disabled reporter?

If that isn’t mocking, what is your word for it @Yellowdog?

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@Dutchess_III@Yellowdog is a troll. Don’t sink to that level.

Of course Trump was mocking Ford – he was at a political rally trying to score political points – feeding red meat to the faithful. He ridiculed her to build himself up.

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@Dutchess_III Thanks for posting the clip. But again, how was asking the question and giving the answer she gave a ‘mocking’ tone. ?

He uses the same voice for the question and answer.?

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You’re right @elbanditoroso. But I wouldn’t call him a troll. Willfully obtuse maybe.

Just answer me this @Yellowdog…what was the crowd laughing at?

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@Dutchess_III In case you haven’t heard, trump’s revenge on the UN came swiftly the other day. Partners of UN diplomats in same-sex relationship won’t be given visas anymore.

Don’t recall the details but google it and see if you’ll agree with me that it’s a clear retaliation for his embarrasing moment at the UN.

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Oh my fucking God. What a paragon of a man. Confronted with actual, intelligent people, and he throws a temper tantrum.

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@Yellowdog, so—the Republican senators who disapproved of Trump’s mockery are wrong and you’re right? Hahahaha. (I’m not mocking you. I’m just laughing innocently.)

I infer from your stout denial that you think it would be wrong if he did mock her. Do you? Or would that be okay with you?

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Stop not mocking him @Jeruba!

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That’s what Trump does BEST…flip flop!!!

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@Dutchess_III The crowd was not laughing. They cheered and applauded. Trump’s summary of the six relevant questions which Ford did not remember (and not corroborated) most of us feel needs to be pointed out. People are tired of the silence, that we cannot point out the glaring inconsistencies because she is a ‘survivor.’

The more that comes to light, the less and less credible the story becomes.

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The guy is a total douche. What would you expect???

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@Yellowdog . Mocking, or not, Trump lied about Ford’s testimony. She gave a detailed account of it being upstairs, and answered questions, apparently, with honesty.

You really must have to adjust your moral compass daily, to support Trump…

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You really must have to adjust your moral compass daily, to support Trump… Best comment ever.

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@MrGrimm888 He does adjust it daily…ONLY way he can keep it aligned with Trump’s!!!

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I’m really getting tired of some men (and women) telling us survivors how we are supposed to make them believe us.

I have never been more disgusted than I’ve been this past week. I’ve lost all hope that people will do the right thing.

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Most of us will @notsoblond. But the ones who don’t are the loudest, the most obnoxious, the ugliest, and they stand out in our minds, the way the men who have abused us stand out in our minds more then the gentlemen (usually.)

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Whether you are a survivor or not, you don’t just blame an innocent person for what happened to you.

That seems to be what YOU are doing.

As far as Ford goes, whether or not she believes Kavanaugh is the perpetrator, when your four witnesses, including your lifelong best friend, have debunked the story, you may still believe it but the rest of us have no justified cause to believe the accuracy of your account.

Anyone can claim someone committed any act, but that doesn’t mean we impugn them without evidence or credulity. as in the cases of Ramirez and Swetnick

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@Yellowdog We don’t know if he is innocent or not. But to me that point is moot. The way he handled himself at the hearing was conduct unbecoming a judge, period. Innocent or not, he doesn’t have what it takes. I sincerely hope the Bar finds that too.

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Actually, the National Bar Association has given him a five point rating including his judicial temperament. Nothing in his background suggests otherwise, nor has any question about any impropriety ever been raised, by Republicans or Democrats. Why should that change, just because someone attempted a well organized but failed smear campaign?

A new low has been reached by the Democratic senators on the judicial committee, who were basically impugning him as if he were guilty. Ford, by contrast, was treated without question with delicate sensitivity with nothing even questioned for clarity.

Ford probably is a victim of sexual assault, but most of the accusations from others were not credible and there seems to be some political foul play. Lets hope those felony perjury affidavits are enforced.

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Actually, if you tried to find sources to back up your claims you wouldn’t find yourself in awkward situations so often, @Yellowdog. Just yesterday the Bar Associaion said that it will _”....reevaluate its high rating of Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh after his combative, tear-streaked Senate testimony last week, signaling doubts about the judge’s temperament.” Source

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I have NEVER met a man who would admit that he had abused a woman…they ALWAYS say it didn’t happen or was the woman’s fault!!!

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That’s because most of them honestly think there was no abuse involved.

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@Dutchess_III Sounds like a plan! Get the American Bar Association to disbar Kavanaugh because he is a sexual predator and lies (perjurs) himself, or has a bad temperament when he is smeared as a sexual predator in an international court and his family is threatened. Once disbarred, he cannot sit on the Supreme Court. Smart plan.

@LadyMarissa Not everyone who denies sexually abusing someone is guilty. Here you have zero evidence— and sworn testimony under penalty of felony by four persons (named as witnesses) who refute the account. I have compassion for the victims, but not everyone who claims to be a victim really is, and not everyone who denies it is guilty. Pretending to be a victim in order to smear an innocent person is pathetic. To both the accused and to the many real victims who actually have been abused and need to be heard.

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There are usually only two people involved with no witnesses.

The falsley accused are the minority and the Republicans have made it clear who they support. The poor falsley accused white guys.

Ford is a hero. I’m a victim. Our voices matter. Fuck anyone who disagrees.

@Yellowdog “Pretending to be a victim in order to smear an innocent person is pathetic. To both the accused and to the many real victims who actually have been abused and need to be heard.”

You don’t get to decide what’s right for real victims. You aren’t a real victim.

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@Yellowdog You don’t get to speak for real victims. You don’t speak for me. Fuck off!
I’m tired of old white men telling us how we are supposed to react and respond. Old men telling us what’s best. Go to hell.

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@notsoblond Well I am, but I got over the whole victim psychology a long time ago. I certainly wouldnt use my bad experience to bash other innocent men. Like @Yellowdog.


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@Yellowdog, I can’t “get” the Bar to do anything! No once can. They are not a political entity. I’m just providing you with an article that shows they have the same concerns regarding his psychological fitness that anyone else who had half a brain would have and they started looking into on Friday.
He may have received 5 stars in the past, but that may well change in the near future.

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@Yellowdog NOT everyone who denies sexually abusing someone is innocent either!!! Men who have NEVER been raped should keep their mouth SHUT because they know NOTHING of which they speak!!! When you leave your home after dark, you do NOT fear for your life in the same way a woman who has been violated do. You have NEVER been told to “just get over it” because your life doesn’t matter. When you have been raped & ridiculed, come back & we’ll have a valid discussion!!! Even former Justice Stevens says that Kavanaugh should NOT be brought in. Was I shocked when he was??? NOT in the least!!! Am I happy about it??? NOT in the least!!! Actually, I feel as though I’m being raped all over again!!!

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First of all, I’ve never raped anyone. Secondly, I’ve done more than my share of volunteer work in women’s shelters and, as some of you remember was helping a homeless woman who got out of an abusive environment and was homeless. I am spending half my income providing food and housing and utilities for this woman,

My comment which you are so offended by was, and is—it is disingenuous, unethical, pathetic—to smear an innocent person with a false accusation just to ruin them or bring them down.

It is also unfair to real victims to say that you are when you’re not— that’s the line that offended you,

I guess that some of you, as real victims, have no problem with liars saying that they are victims just to bring someone down who is innocent. Is that what you said to ‘fuck off’ about? Real victims I’ve known don’t act this way, but who am I to discern who is who,

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@Yellowdog How did you even know Kavanugh was innocent? Because of his own friend’s corroboration? The same one who was also accused of the same assault.

Imagine you got yourself raped by two people and you know exactly who they were but one of them corroborated they didn’t do it and that’s that, you were asked to get over it. What then?

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Her best friend for over forty years, Leland Keyser, was there to witness the events according to Ford, and two other witnesses were named. None would corroborate the story, and all denied under penalty of felony perjury that the events occurred. No one has come forward to say that they played ANY role in the events, and no one close to Ford, even intimately close, was ever told or was aware of anything related to this.

Major details in her story have changed in numbers of people, names, months, and up to eight years in when it occurred. Leland Keyser and her family were threatened and harassed by one of Ford’s attorneies to change her account to corroborate Ford. Keyser refused.

There are WAY too many witnesses who have refuted the story, and none who have supported it or claim any role in it (e.g. that they were the one who drove her home, were told about the event, were at the party, etc etc.

No one told Ford to “get over it.” The story was listened to, believed by many, but the results have not changed

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Seriously, Ford indicated her friend witnessed the events including what happened in the room? Is that what you mean by events?

None of what you said proves Kavanaugh’s innocence. None.

What does it even mean that she was believed by many? That she was assaulted by Kavanaugh but it’s ok for him to be in the SC because his own friend accused of the same attack corroborated him and she had no one except herself to do the same?

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I could say that I was raped or assaulted by Tom Selleck in Jacksonville, Florida in 1985,

You couldn’t prove his innocence either, could you?

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Let’s ask Tom.

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@Yellowdog . Let’s run with your analogy. Let’s say you are actually claiming to have been raped by Tom Selleck, 30 years ago. Then. You come forward. The police say that they will devote a limited investigation, lasting no longer than 1 week.
After that week, Selleck is appointed to the highest court, in the world…

Seriously. Chew on that. Do you have many friends that could give details about events that happened so long ago? If Tom’s friends were there, do you think they would rat on him?
Would you be satisfied with such a small attempt to find out if you were indeed assaulted? How would you view the country, after that? How would you honestly feel, being mocked on public media by the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES? A president who has bragged about sexual assault?

I’m glad you are helping a homeless woman. As you are Christian, I can rest assured that you have never had any thoughts about her in a sexual manor. Good for you…

Homeless shelters. Hmm. Might be a good place to find a desperate homeless woman…

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Anyone considered that maybe her friends were thump worshipers who would lie to make sure Kavanaugh made it into the Supreme Court??? I have NO doubt that Kavanaugh could rape YD’s mother in front of him & he’d swear there wasn’t enough evidence to block his nomination!!!

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Do we have any official version of the investigations? All I’ve heard so far is word of mouth and rumors.

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I have honestly not read a word on the actual investigation. The sheer audacity of limiting it to one week, is what put me over the edge.

Ya know. When there are easter egg hunts, they are timed. That sure as hell doesn’t mean that all the eggs are found when time is up. So… I’m wondering why a investigation of sexual assault, with a potential SCOTUS judge as the focal point, would have a 1 week time limit, and limits on who can be questioned… There’s actually zero wonder. Whether or not Kavanaugh did anything, they made this shit look SO shady, and corrupt…

Yet another slap in the face of sexual assault victims by the GOP. Another slap in the face of all women, by the GOP. Yet. Women will vote R, in November…

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The Kavanaugh accusations have zero evidence, four debunking witness accounts, and no history of any Impropriety in six FBI background checks/investigations— now seven. there are hundreds of women who knew Kavanaugh at the time (1982) and about a hundred more who have been mentored by him personally in the in-between years. Zero credence. There is a stellar history of his life and work in the D.C. courts. The only ones making the baseless accusations are the desperate, frensical political left, who would do anything to block the nomination, nullify the nomination, undo a presidential election, etc etc. Whatever it takes. No matter how dubious and glaringly obvious the accusations.

And for what? Just because he is not a left-wing advocacy judge who will make up laws on the court? Kavanaugh’s history of handling cases has always been on law and precedent. He has been a very strong advocate of women and rural minority groups The only thing you really have on him is, well, he is a Trump appointee.

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MORE MADE UP statistics as the FBI didn’t cover that much ground in 1 week!!!
ANY man who will lie about his past will make up any law he pleases!!!

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The FBI covered every jot and tittle of Kavanaugh’s life, history, relationships from 1975 to the present, from fourth or fifth grade to the D.C. Circuit Court, involving six investigations and background checks. Besides that, his life, social and political, has always been very public and well known.

Only after making death threats, screaming at them in public and bullying people out of restaurants and encouraging everyone to do likewise, and making animal noises and cat calls during Senate proceedings didn’t work, did the Democratic senators and protesters start making these allegations.

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@Yellowdog It was Christine Ford, an American professor and a most unlikely liar, who made the allegation of a sexual assault by Kavanaugh not Democrats or protestors. Incidentally Trump’s vilification of Professor Ford is disgraceful and completely uncalled for.

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First of all, there was no vilification of Ford by Trump.

One of Ford’s attorneys, Susan Katz, defended Al Franken and Bill Clinton from proven rape allegations so that’s suspicious enough. Some women who are real victims are vilified by Katz

Secondly, Ford has been a very strong and vocal opponent of Trump—in social media and in the classroom.and has told her story about six different ways and naming three different years for her account of the assault.

Ford lied about so many things in her testimony—her fear of flying (she actually flies in private jets all over the country—even to Hawaii)—the reason why her house has a second front door (it used to lead to a private law business she used for income—she said in her testimony it was built because she was claustrophobic due to the assault)—lying even about things that don’t matter in presenting her case, why wouldn’t she lie to impugn someone she doesn’t like politically—for the same reasons YOU don’t like Kavanaugh politically?

My own disbelief in Ford’s account was when one of Ford’s attorney friends and former FBI agent Monica McLean, was bullying and threatening Ford’s lifelong friend Leland Keyser, to change her story to back up Ford’s. That kind of affirmed what I suspected all along.

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@Yellowdog The more that comes to light, the less and less credible the story becomes.

But the emperor has no clothes!

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Just for clarity, Ford’s second door was for a psychologist’s office in 2008/2009 and part of a remodel. Not a new construction because of claustrophobia.

Ford’s earlier accounts of the assault were in the mid-1980s or mid-to-late 1980s when she was in her late teens (not 15) and involved four guys, none named.

The account was changed to 1982 to fit the Kavanaugh narrative, and has been refuted. Her friend former FBI agent Monica McLean tried to coerce, through threats and harassment, Leland Kaiser to change her account to corroborate Ford’s story.

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^If she didn’t come forward until now, how would a background check be able to uncover it? Well? It obviously wouldn’t. Right? So we can drop that stupid argument…

I have a great fear of flying. If you look at my history, I have flown dozens of times. I’m terrified of water. But I fish, and swim a lot. I hate heights, but worked as a roofer off and on my whole life.

She had a second door because there was another room? Why didn’t she get the door replaced with wall after the room was gone? She certainly had the finances to. Claustrophobia is still a plausible claim there.

There weren’t 4 witnesses. Ford was number 4. Her friend was 3. Kavanaugh, and his male friend, who may have played a role in the assault was the only person who sided with Kavanaugh.

Remember that “Devil’s Triangle” thing? That’s when two guys get a girl so intoxicated that they both can have sex with her. Hmm. Kinda sounds exactly like the plan, on the night in question, doesn’t it?

For all your crying about lying, I have NEVER heard you care about Trump’s constant lies, or the appearance that Kavanaugh himself did plenty of lying under oath.

More conspiracy theories from the right. What a shock!...

Yellowdog's avatar

Four witnesses, besides Kavanaugh—signed affidavits under penalty of felony perjury—yes, one was his friend, Mark Judge—but what about the other three?

Fear of flying so she couldn’t fly to D.C. from CA.
—but she flies to Hawaii, Delaware, Florida, etc etc. for pleasure multiple times a year including in claustrophobic, single propeller planes—

Just because you disagree with Trump doesn’t mean its a lie. I noticed this during Hillary’s campaign that she would claim ‘fact checkers’ said such-and-so refuting Trump. But often times the facts were just checked against internet rumors propagated from their own sources.

But this isn’t about who is the greater liar. This is about whether Ford lied in her testimony or if she really believes what she is stating. How ironic, considering Kavanaugh has built his legal career around advocating women’s causes and mentoring women in their legal careers, has a wife and daughters, is involved in his daughters’ school and athletic activities and multiple hundreds of women who vouch for his character and help.

Don’t you think, with all this experience with women and girls, including private and one-on-one settings, something would have turned up from the previous background checks—and all these gang rape and assault accusations came in one week from leftist-advocating attorneys?

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^I agree 100%, that the timing of the accusation was suspicious. I can also understand it though. You get assaulted by somebody, and time goes on. Then, one day, you see that person on TV. You decide to finally say something. That makes sense, to me.

If you lend credibility to that, then you have to lend credibility to the fact that Kavanaugh was the only judge being considered that had opinions about a sitting POTUS being prosecuted. Ignore this if you like…

I.personally thought Ford was truthful, and my radar went off multiple times, during Kavanaugh’s questioning.

I want to be clear, that I don’t know if Kavanaugh assaulted Ford. But I know he lied, under oath. Most disturbing, is the 1 week/limited investigation. The whole thing reeks of a corrupt pushing through of Kavanaugh, by the GOP.

In the big picture, I find that the behavior of both parties (dems/reps) absolutely abhorrent. It speaks volumes to the state of current American politics…

I have no problem with saying that I wouldn’t support any judge Trump would offer. The man hasn’t been able to even properly staff his own cabinet. Dozens of his people have been fired, or quit. Even Haley is resigning. Sanders is leaving. Word on the street, is most of his staff work to keep Trump from fucking things up, as much as possible. Most refer to him as an idiot, and are constantly surprised by his behavior.
With that knowledge, why on Earth would I support anyone Trump wants, for a life long seat in the highest court in the land?

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@Yellowdog Seriously, if Kavanaugh didn’t sexually assault million of other women, that proves he didn’t sexually assault Ford?

You are hopeless. Pretty sure if Ford has ten people corroborating her story you would dismiss it as conspiracy. The simple truth is you just don’t think what she went through should stop Kavanaugh from fulfilling his destiny.

Glad you don’t have a wife, Mother or daughter who experienced what Ford did then and now.

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^Trumpers just don’t care. They knew Trump was a sexual predator. That has only been galvanized since his election. He’s a terrible person. They’re OK with that, because they’re also terrible people. It’s just that simple…

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Well, it’s all kind of moot for now…or is it?

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