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Why can't the Republic-a-ons just nominate some other conservative blowhard?

Asked by tinyfaery (41601points) October 4th, 2018

Seriously. At this point isn’t it better to just nominate someone who won’t be a stain on the Supreme Court? His behavior at the hearing, his lies (not even talking about the accusations), his evasive behavior and refusal to answer questions, his blatant partisanship and spouting of conspiracies makes him unfit for the appointment. Why this guy? What’s so special about him?


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He’s Trump’s boy.

Ask Trump why, maybe because of Kavanaugh thinks a seated President can’t be indicted !

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His very partisanship and connection to Rove’s long term plans make him The One. Here is an article I found about that. There are others, easily searchable.

I won’t be engaging in discussion on this thread, just providing a link. It’s not because of you, @tinyfaery, But I have a pretty good idea this will provoke ranting.

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Very disturbing, @canidmajor.

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He’s fairly unique in believing that the president should be immune from criminal investigation which I imagine is important to a certain treasonous someone.

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They can, but the result would be the same.
The major problem is that there are no Jesus Christs to choose from for the Supreme Court.

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Maybe he’s already been paid.

I didn’t say that. It’s mistaken identity. Somebody else is posing as me just to make me look, uh, skeptical.

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@kritiper, you think Jesus Christ is a Republican?

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Ordinarily, a President would have a list of viable candidates vetted and ready for nomination, but it is probably a mistake to assume anything “ordinary” when it comes to the Trump administration and matters of competence. McConnell can force a vote on Kavanaugh, but I’m surprised no one seems to ask “what happens if Kavanaugh is voted down?” Realistically there isn’t time to repeat the necessary hearings and wrangling before the November elections where the slim GOP majority is very much at risk. Kavanaugh may well be the Republicans’ only shot.

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@Jeruba Maybe. I don’t know. But no one of any party will find anyone holy enough, chaste enough, pure enough, and sinless enough to be the perfect candidate for the Supreme Court. Like Jesus Christ.

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But Jesus would never want the gig. “judge not…”

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Here’s the reason for the rush that I’ve been reading about.

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There is a very real possibility that both sides of congress are going to flip to democratic control. If they do, Trump will be unable to force through another nominee, so that seat would remain vacant for 2 years.

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@stanleybmanly Be that as it may…

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Thanks for the tipoff, @janbb. This is new information to me, although discovery of yet another layer of muck is not a surprise.

Gamble indeed. How painfully apt. We’ll soon see how this gamble plays out.

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The Dems are playing political games. They have put forth an unsubstantiated allegation against Kavanaugh and then acted like it was gospel. If Kavanaugh were to be pulled, the Dems would then know that this tactic works and you would see this every time they didn’t get their way. It is a pitiful way of running a country, but then, that is the Dems for you!

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