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Have you voted yet (Oct 18 final tally) for The Great American Read ?

Asked by Inspired_2write (7178points) October 4th, 2018

Here is the link and watch PBS for categories and interviews with the Writers.
Click onto list of the Best 100 (2018) to vote on one that you like.

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One can vote once a day for your favorites.

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It’s a list of international authors, why is it called The Great American Read?

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Because its from a list of 100 books that viewers added in the beginning of their own favorites.

It does not have to be American writers/novels.
In fact any novel!
They do this for every year around September or so.
One can add there favorites then and the voting starts about a month after.

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Voted for 50 shades of Gray

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I suppose—because it’s a list of what Americans read, not what they write?

I think I’ve read about half of them. I tried to print out the checklist, but it is in a weird font and full of unprintable characters. The printout is unreadable. Very thoughtless of PBS, in my opinion.

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I have a philosophical objection to voting for a best novel. What I like, others don’t and vice versa so I have not been following the show/contest. If it gets readers engaged, it’s a good thing, just not for me.

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I had same problem then realized that I have to download it first THEN print it out.
I zoomed it in larger then displayed to show better and it worked.

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I got around it by copying the whole thing into a Word file and then formatting it. And sure enough, I’ve read exactly 50 of them.

I’m not voting, though. I seldom reread novels, and I never think of them in terms of “favorites” (how is it a favorite if I read it once, in 1965, no matter how much I liked it, and how do I compare that with something I read last year?—never mind how I compare a small children’s book with a multivolume series that runs into the thousands of pages). I just printed it as a possible reading list, as if I needed one more reading list.

Thanks for the link, though, @Inspired_2write. I’m always glad to know people are still reading.

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Put in one vote for A Confederacy of Dunces. I’ll continue to vote for more.

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Never heard of it, so no, not until you shared the link, so now, yes. 1984 seemed like the most appropriate choice to me… given the state of truth, media, electronic surveillance and pop culture in the U S A these days…

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