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How many miles will a person run during a 10 kilometer race?

Asked by mathneedshelp (4points) October 4th, 2018

Use dimensional analysis.

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What kind of mile? There are many.

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5917.15976331 Miles’

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What planet? On earth the answer would be one thing. On Zorgon, quite another. Zorgonians have miles that are the equivalent of 21.05 earth inches.

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5.4 nautical miles.

Your “use dimensional analysis” is a redundant instruction.

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You don’t need to use dimensional analysis as I understand the term. It’s a straight conversion. Ten kilometers is 6.2 miles as @ucme has said.

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Depends on how much he was able to complete..)

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1 inch is exactly 2.54 cm and dimensional analysis implies calculation from first principles.

10k = 10,000m x (100 / 2.54 ) inches = 393,700.787402 inches

393,700.787402 inches / (12×5280) = 6.21371192237 miles

The question requires the student to calculate the answer without a calculator.

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When you run, as I do, km/mi conversion is second nature…strava is my friend.
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