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If the Ramirez accusations are false, how did Kavanaugh know about them in advance?

Asked by Irukandji (4270points) October 4th, 2018


According to Kavanaugh’s sworn testimony, he learned about Deborah Ramirez’s allegations from the New Yorker article in which they were published. But his text messages show that Kavanaugh was discussing the allegations with friends and political allies before they were made public. These discussions may even go back as far as July (which is prior to even Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations going public). So how was he able to discuss them before he even knew about them?

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I saw an article on that somewhere. Don’t remember where now. What it said was that friends had told him that Ramirez was asking them about him a couple weeks before the New Yorker magazine. Basically he heard she was nosing around, but she didn’t have specifics. Suspected she would be concocting some story. At least that’s what I seem to remember. Take that for what it’s worth.

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I’m sure that he has sentenced MANY people who claimed their innocence up until he passed judgment.The best offense is a good defense. He knows who his victims are!!!

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