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Are you a list maker?

Asked by janbb (59164points) October 6th, 2018

Do you make lists? In what circumstances? Does it help you feel better and/or get more done?

When I am overwhelmed such as prior to traveling, I find a list very useful as an aid to control. It puts it out there instead of jumbling around in my mind and gives me satisfaction as I can cross things off.

How about you?

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Yes. I still do the list on a piece of paper.
Sometimes at night a list helps me fall asleep. I can write down the item/thought/idea and then forget about it. My brain can relax.
I have a checklist for when I am going out of town – turn off the water supply, check the battery backup for sump pump, fill pond, feed fish, remove skimmer, make sure there is at least 50 hours of fuel in oil tanks, turn on fans in basement and living room, etc.
That really helps.
A paper list lasts forever, is instantly read, and never needs a battery charge. Very handy.

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I make lists. I made a list of things I needed to do before company came to my house and I checked it off as I completed the tasks. I make lists of what to pack if I’m going on a trip. I’ve been decluttering my houseand have a checklist of what areas I need to go through.
I like lists! And they are paper lists, not on my computer.
Oh, I also have a notebook with all my passwords in it.

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Mine are on paper too.

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I have a separate checklists usually on or near any important equipment I am going to operate: the snowblower, the wood splitter, the chainsaw, the drone. The lists help reduce the chance of mistakes.

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You have a drone!? I’m so jealous!

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Yes, I make lists. Always when traveling! Usually before grocery shopping. Occasionally I forget to bring the list with me but find that it is still easier having made the list in the first place.

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Yes. But at 50 the more I make lists of things to do on a folded piece of paper in my pocket or the Reminder app in my IPhone the more I ignore them and seldom deal with any of them on time.

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I make paper lists. I’ve made several the past month with our move to Wisconsin.

I feel like I’m forgetting something if I don’t make lists. They are very helpful to me.

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Daily. So many tasks.

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Yes. If I don’t, I will not remember where I am supposed to be on a given day (I house sit and pet sit a lot) and I take friends and family members to doctor appointments, and I have boat loads of little kid family members that I need to get cards and gifts for, and a few of my closest friends live in another city, but we often get together for lunch, or events.

I use post it notes, pads of paper, a paper calendar, a white board, and alarms on my phone.

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Oh, I wish! Before chemo, I had a really astonishing memory. Not eidetic, but excellent. I didn’t need lists. Now I need lists, but it is difficult for me to remember to make them. A somewhat amusing irony, that.

Well, nobody dies.

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Oh yes! I love, love lists. When we go camping I make a shopping list, then I make a menu for each day. I just love forms and things.

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I’m definitely a list maker, have been since the age of 20. These days, because I can no longer use my hands, I write lists vicariously.

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At work I am. I like a steno pad. I like the pages to flip up. I cross items as I do them. I mark pages with a tiny sticky note that hangs off the end of the page like a tab, if I know I will need to go back to the information on that page.

For personal things I make a list when the to-dos start to pile up, and I realize I am forgetting to get done some of the things that need doing.

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I have a list on my desktop which I definitely rely on which has entries for activities through the week. As one item has taken place I remove and if it’s a recurring date I put it at the bottom of the week or where it will happen again.

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1) We
2) Have
3) Staff
4) For
5) That

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I keep a list of what have to pack and what I have to do before travelling and a list of contact details for friends and family.

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I never learned to. I never needed to write things down.
Then I survived an accident which damaged by memory.
Suddenly, I was damaged, and thrust into a need for lists and reminders, and I struggle a lot with both.

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Important fact – I try to keep the lists where I use them. Otherwise, they are lost forever and need to be redone.

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I’m quite listless today.

But I keep a list of the lists.

The grocery shopping list must, I repeat must, be compiled in the order that one traverses the aisles.

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