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So now we have two sexual abusers on the Supreme Court and one in the White House. How will you celebrate?

Asked by Caravanfan (7134points) October 6th, 2018

This is a bitter, sarcastic question, obviously.

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Hmmm…let me think…what did we do when Bill Clinton was elected? We should do that again.

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If I remember, he was impeached.

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The same way you celebrated when Drumpf was appointed.
With a half empty plaza.

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@seawulf575 Clinton was an asshole, a credible rapist, an individual much worse than Kavanaugh, and I did not support him. This question has nothing to do with Clinton.

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No @Caravanfan but typical conservative enlightened thinking quick deflect the question to liberal bashing.
What a shock these Rep/cons appointed the jerk (NOT) he is Trumps get out of jail free card when the fake tan,thin skinned saviour faces charges.
What does get me is his actions during the hearings ,losing his temper,not answering questions, would he put up with someone doing that in his court?
I know lets blame the democrats for this as well the rep/cons do it for everything else any ways.

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I’m going to study up on black magic and buy some voodoo dolls.

Think I’m joking?

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I’ll always try to stay positive, even in trying times (obviously, me being Dutch, I’ll not be affected (directly) by Supreme Court rulings; probably more likely by Trump’s shananigans), so what strengthening me right now is the hope that young American men, and especially women, go vote in the upcoming mid terms.
Some of these guys judge you as second-class people.
Now it’s ever more the time to let your voices be heard.

Talking about young people that better get their asses out to the booth…, check this ad (and spread it).

“Tax cuts for the rich? Hell yeah, I’m rich as f**k,” one old person quips in the comically dark ad. “Climate change? That’s a you problem. I’ll be dead soon,” another elderly woman says.

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@rebbel That link to that add was great.

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I will not associate with anyone claiming to be a moderate, a centrist, or anyone still married to the concept of “civility”. We all know what needs to happen – it’s not going to be pretty. It won’t involve manners. And it won’t be about “process”.

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So do we blame Hillary and her emails to the Martians ???

Oh the Dem’s didnt show up at the polling places in all the losing states.

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@Caravanfan I understand this has nothing to do with Clinton, but he is the precedent. I think that how we reacted to him being POTUS ought to be a guideline for how we deal with Trump and Kavanaugh, since you accuse them of the exact same stuff Billy Boy did.

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@seawulf575 Agree. As I recall, the Republicans attacked him and hated him and impeached him.

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@seawulf575 I do think the hypocrisy matters in both directions.

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@janbb Yep, he got impeached. Do you remember what he got impeached for? It wasn’t for extramarital affairs. It was for perjury and obstruction of justice. That is why the left is always trying to come up with something in one of these two areas with Trump. But he hasn’t been under oath, so perjury is out. And he hasn’t obstructed justice, so that is out too.
But I liked your evasion. The left celebrated when Clinton was elected and they defended him (just as you are still doing) when he was accused of horrible crimes…crimes for which HIS accusers are still calling for justice and the left is ignoring their cries. Very misogynistic of the left….make sure you keep those women in their places!

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I’ll drink to it, I guess, that’s usually how I celebrate. :)

None of what happened during this whole circus was surprising to me. Now the court is slanted to the right; a lot of the reason people voted for Trump was to make that happen. They got what they wanted. What Kavanaugh may have done in his past doesn’t matter to them.

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We need more Dutch like @rebbel here in the US. : )

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I will celebrate by drinking beer of course. Because I like beer. My friends like beer. We drink beers. I like beer.

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Someone else has my idea.

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Awww someone beat you to it, don’t fret still do it two is better than one.LOL.

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Did someone mention beer???

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@seawulf575 Clinton was impeached, but he continued to finish his term. Remember?

The question is, if you are going to bring up Clinton every time Trump or Kavanaugh is brought up, where were you when Clinton’s escapades were revealed to the public, and when he was impeached? I’m talking about all of it, when he was running for president and the Monica thing. Did you believe him to be immoral and unfit to be president? If so, then if you don’t think that of Trump then you are a hypocrite, guilty of the same that you accuse others.

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Hey maybe they will declare a “National grab a pussy day”, if it has a good reception they will take full credit,if the public hates it they will just blame the democrats.

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@JLeslie As I mentioned in the past, I felt he was not respecting his wife or marriage (or the women he was sleeping with, though that is on them as well), but that is his life. That is what I have said about Trump as well. And I said at the time of all the silly stories coming out that if he had just come out and said “Yep, I did it” he could have put on a show of being contrite and Hillary would have stood by him. Not because she forgave him or was okay with it, but because she is an ambitious woman. And if he had done that, the entire “scandal” would have gone away. Instead he tried denying it all the way down the line. That got him caught in perjury charges. He also tried using the power of his office to disrupt and stop investigations into him. I did not feel that was reason enough to eject him from office. That’s how I look at Trump. I don’t think he has been faithful to his wife or marriage, but that alone has no bearing on his ability to be POTUS. In fact, if you go back in history, many of our presidents have had extramarital affairs…some while in office and some not. In fact since Kennedy, the only question marks I see in that group are Nixon and Carter.
Now that being said, if there was evidence (note: evidence, not accusations) of rape in their past then yes, I would say they should be tossed out on their ears.
But you have it backwards again. I keep bringing up Clinton not because I think he should have been tossed out for extramarital affairs, but because those on the left keep trying to punish conservatives for the exact same things Clinton did. And they supported Clinton and still won’t address his indiscretions. The question could be asked to the liberal jellies on these pages…if they feel that Trump and Kavanaugh are not fit to be in office because of accusations from their past, why wasn’t there more outrage about Clinton? And more currently, why are we dismissing accusations of rape and sexual assault that are still out there against him? I keep bringing up Clinton because it shows the hypocrisy of the left. He is a poster child for that hypocrisy.
Now Kavanaugh I look at entirely differently. He has had accusers come out of the wood work in the 11th hour of his confirmation in what looks, sounds, and smells like an effort to smear him. There is zero evidence of anything. The stories are vague to the point of being ludicrous. The accusations are so weak that in a criminal case, no prosecutor in this country would take a case to court on them. Ford can’t identify even a month that she was supposedly attacked. She can’t identify a location. She can’t remember many details that would help prove her story. She gave the names of 4 “witnesses” all of which cannot corroborate her story and one of them is her friend. I can’t take that as credible and certainly nothing that could be investigated. Ramirez came out and gave a statement that said she was at a party, was wasted and has major blanks in her memory, but she remembers that Kavanaugh waved his penis in her face. She thinks it was Kavanaugh…she can’t be sure. Again, can’t remember a date…can’t even be sure of the year…can’t identify where this supposedly happened and had no witnesses. Then we come to Swetnick…she attended 10 parties she claims she knew were gang rape parties. Again…can’t be sure of dates or even years. She says she saw Kavanaugh in the line for the festivities. She says she finally got gang raped on the tenth party but can’t be sure if Kavanaugh was there. I’m sorry, if you buy that story, I got some real estate I think you should buy. It is silly from the start. So we have three accusations that have zero provable facts or even facts that have anything that could be investigated. I refuse to look at that and say he is guilty. I find it very disturbing that anyone could.

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I have an idea for a new business. I’m sure it will help abuse victims find closure.
For a small fee they can name their abuser publicly and tell their story. If a followup investigation shows it to be true the abuser is told to expect “payback” at some time in the future.
The abuser would be looking over his shoulders for the rest of his life. I’ll bet some victims would be willing to pay a small fee for this knowledge.

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@seawulf575 The Democrats keep bringing up Trump’s cheating and grabbing, because the Evangelicals are supposed to give a shit. They have supposedly cared about fidelity and being sexually conservative, at least they have talked that way outwardly, and used it to get their pro-life, lower taxes, politicians into office. If the Evangelicals don’t care about that stuff anymore then that’s good to know. But watch—they will care as a voting group again when it’s a Democrat.

Some people have changed their mind about Clinton in retrospect, saying they should not have been ok with what he did. Alyssa Milano, the actress, recently said it, and some acquaintances of mine are saying it. Some of them cite that it was a different time back then, but I say bullshit. It wasn’t that long ago, and we already at that time had sexual harassment awareness in the country and in workplaces. Someone said to me that Clinton was just a country guy in some ways, like that gave him some sort of an excuse. That’s ridiculous to me too for many reasons. One of which he went to college in the Northeast.

I think there are a lot of democrats who won’t be forgiving to politicians in the future for treating women badly, we’ll see. I don’t think cheating on a wife will be enough to discourage a voter, but molesting or raping women will be.

Swetnick, I have already said some things about her testimony. I don’t think adding alcohol to punch is anything to talk about, the punch was there to get drunk off of. As far as I know Julie only talked about one party where there was a line of guys raping a girl, and she said she didn’t actually see Kavanaugh raping anyone. I don’t remember her saying there were ten rape parties, the parties were out of control wild drunken horribleness in my experience. I only went to one where I was in a house for any length of time. I know a girl who was raped at one, not the party I went to. I know people sometimes had sex at them, sometimes did drugs not just alcohol at them. I know the prep boys had a reputation at them.

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@JLeslie for Swetnick, here is a link to Avenatti’s Twitter statement that has a copy of her official story.

When you read it you see that she talks about going to 10 parties, she talks about Kavanaugh being blind drunk and aggressive at all of these, she talks about gang rapes happening, and she talks about eventually she got around to being gang raped. The story is so ridiculous that it should win a comedy award. If she saw these wild happenings, why did she keep going to these parties? If she witnessed gang rapes, why didn’t she call the cops? Why didn’t the girls getting raped call the cops? When she was supposedly gang raped, why didn’t she call the cops? The list of questions goes on and on and on.
Now…that being said, don’t take my arguments against these sorts of things as any support for mistreating women. I don’t buy it. I am old school. To me, part of being a man is possessing self-control. You are responsible for your actions. And beating or raping women is about as low as you can go…only exceeded by raping children. I think those convicted of such things should be punished to the maximum extent of the law. But an accusation is not a conviction. I also believe in innocent until proven guilty. I have an ex-wife that would create all sorts of things to try getting me in trouble. I had to defend myself from many of those. So I know that lying accusations happen all the time for a variety of reasons.

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@seawulf575 I lived there and it all rings pretty true to me. Not ridiculous at all. The spin on some of it might be pushing it, like I said spiking punch with alcohol was the point of the punch (although if they slipped drugs in that would be a sinister and not expected act) like every high school and college party out there, but the drinking and that rapes happened and that Julie was victim of one of the gang rapes sounds perfectly honest to me. She says she didn’t witness Kavanaugh actually raping a girl, but did witness him drunk and mean and what seemed to be on line to rape someone. On line isn’t doing it, but he was present and not helping the girl at minimum, but a lot of people weren’t helping her.

Men have to control themselves not to hurt women? Ugh. I’m so disgusted by that.

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I’ll sleep really well at night knowing our govt-country wont be held hostage by a party of hysterical rude emo’s.

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Just to answer why Julie probably kept going to parties, probably because she liked to drink, and probably because her friends went to the parties. I don’t think she said girls were raped at every party, I can’t read it, it’s too small on my phone. They weren’t rape parties, they were drinking parties, where sometimes consensual sex happened, and sometimes there were rapes.

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If you click on the small print it opens the much larger version. Not sure if that works on phones. But in the end, she said there were parties (plural) where gang rapes happened. Why would you not say something on the first one? Why would you keep going back and still not saying anything? And why, when it finally happened to you, would you STILL not say anything?

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@seawulf575 Because you don’t believe you will be raped, that’s why girls keep going to the parties, and you want to be with your friends, and you want to drink, and probably the girls who were raped were very very drunk. I had this feeling too when I was young that boys wouldn’t forcibly rape me, but if they could do it easily they might. It’s mistaken thinking, but I understand the mindset. I didn’t drink. It just so happens that a guy, a guy I went on a date with, did try to force himself on me, but I said no and pushed back, and eventually he stopped and I got free, but I think if I had been drunk I would have been raped.

It sounds like Ford was not extremely drunk, and she did get free, but since it was more than one boy it could have wound up much different. Gang/group mentality and all that. Once one boy starts there is momentum in the group to not look weak.

You just have to believe me that some of your assumptions are wrong. I lived in Montgomery County, I’ve been asking other high school friends about the parties, friends who went to them and friends who avoided them similar to me, and my sister who lived in both Montgomery Village and NYC for high school said NYC had nothing like the crazy parties in MV. Pretty much everyone says the same as me, including saying they even asked their parents to pick them up to get them out of some of them. To pick them up from a party where there was a lot of drinking going on, basically admitting to their parents they were in a situation they shouldn’t be in. I’m also a female, and I’m pretty sure you are a man.

And, remember, I haven’t been hard core on the side of the liberals on this, and I do care about the truth.

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@JLeslie I get that young people party and get out of hand. My challenge about Swetnick stands, though. Her story is bogus…it can’t pass the smell test. She went to a party…a gang rape supposedly happened. She said and did nothing. So she went back to another party, ostensibly to drink and have a good time. And another gang rape supposedly happened. How many times does this have to happen before you start thinking that MAYBE it isn’t a safe environment? And how many times do you watch girls getting raped before you actually say something? Call the cops while it is going on. Leave the party and tell someone at the school. There are any number of things that could be done and would have stopped it. She did none of it. Oh! and none of the other girls did either. Then, 30+s years later, suddenly you know it was Kavanaugh? Please. I’m sorry, that is way beyond reasonable to believe.

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^^I read the statement, I think I read the whole thing you attached, it wasn’t easy.

She doesn’t say she went to ten parties, it says there were parties almost every weekend and Kavanaugh was at several of them, and when he and his friends were there they were aggressive about grabbing girls and grinding up against them, etc. guys used to do that they. They used to press up against us and put their leg between our legs, maybe that’s what she’s talking about.

She’s saying when those boys showed up things became more dangerous for the girls. My guess is she went to 50 or 100 parties over the years.

I tried to find a link that I could read better.

I really think you and the Democrats are interpreting her statement incorrectly.

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I just read her whole statement on my laptop. It definitely lines up with my experience and the stories I heard while in high school. I wasn’t specifically aware of anyone named Kavanaugh, just the “prep boys” at parties being more dangerous or wild. They did talk about grain alcohol in punch and not realizing how drunk you would get from it. The people at the parties mostly wanted to get drunk though.

Anyone who thinks that her statement sounds absurd is completely naive about what went on in my DC suburb.

Julie does not accuse Kavanaugh of rape, she only puts him at the scene when rapes happened and accuses of him of being one of the rowdy boys harassing and molesting girls. In my high school you could get grabbed or molested in the hallway, although that didn’t happen really very often, but it happened.

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My depression meds seem to help.

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^^ Pass one over please!

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Remorse may be a more applicable term than celebrate.

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