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Photoshop: Aligning Anchor Points?

Asked by makemo (531points) August 20th, 2008

Can you align anchor points in a vector shape, the same way you can align anchor points in Illustrator?

(I.e. Align Left, Align Right, Align Center, Align Top, Align Bottom.)

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There is no align tool for points as you would find it in Illustrator.
There is a trick you can employ, however.

Place a guide on your canvas. Be sure that you are snapping to guides (View>Snap To>Snap to Guides). With the direct selection tool, move points to the guide. They will be aligned this way. You may have to reposition your object, however.

For an alternate approach, you may consider using smart objects from illustrator. This will allow you to go back to Illustrator to edit the vector art with all of that Illustrator-goodness! For info on smart objects

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@ blastfamy – nice tip! I love cheating the program.

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I’m curious if there’s any user script out there, that could implement this (seemingly yet) important feature, which is sorely missing in Photoshop.

From a marketing standpoint, though, I can understand why Adobe chooses not to facilitate this functionality, as it would compete with the sister application. Perhaps (?).

@ blastfamy: appreciate your great response, thanks!

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