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Is Emo the new Goth?

Asked by Scrumpulator (564points) August 20th, 2008

I mean Really! whats going on with the tight girl pants the guys wear? Is the whole Emo, Goth thing really just about people not having a way to get their feelings out, cause it seems to me that they share the same emotional philosophy, is this just the new generational response the the failing of the American Family?

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I was goth/metal whatever for a long time… it has nothing to do with anyone failing because there’s really nothing wrong with it. It’s just a different way of looking at things. Don’t mistake “goth” for “angsty.” They’re two different things, and one doesn’t mean the other.

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I like the girl pants look, myself.

That being said, I would never wear them.

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@poofandmook, no one said anything about failing on a personal level, I mentioned the failing of the American family, not the self. It was a question about the failing support system of the family and extended family that could lead to the identity crisis of the youth.

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@Scrump: Did you mean the failing of the family on that individual? That’s how I took it.

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From my perspective as a mother of a teen… Emos are spoiled rich kids who are dressing and acting this way to get attention. I say spoiled and rich because dressing like an Emo is expensive. Hot topic clothes are not cheap. Maybe they are trying to get their parent’s attention. Sort of like… Look how depressed I am.. Pay attention to me. What do I know? I am just a mom, so I guess it’s just a guess?

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@mzgator: Do you have an Emo kid?

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So from mzgator’s response, she seems to coincide with my theory, there is no reason that children should have to act this way to get attention. Something is completely missing from the American family these days, why are these peoples kids having to put that facade up to get attention, and the thing is that eventually they can start to believe the things they are projecting, most of these kids really are that sad. I’m sick of it, people should be happy, and live in environments and families where these things don’t have to happen. When they hit the real world they will have to through off those chains and clothes if they ever want to go somewhere. I had nine percings in my face when i was a teenager, and I was angry. Because there was something really messed up about my family at the time, but I cant place it. I wore all black and did that whole attention thing, but in my day there were no Emo’s for me to join.

So back to the point about how this is a generational response to a problem that is older then this generation? does anyone agree”

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My daughter went through a phase of loving My Chemical Romance when she was twelve to thirteen. That’s as far as it went. I am a stay at home mom and she gets a lot of attention. I think she was trying to find her way… Which is fine. She is not a depressed child, and I would not tolerate her acting as if she was. She is now totally into the Jonas Brothers pop thing. Who knows what she will come up with next?

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@mzgator: Good job being a mom! Your doing it right! whatever right is! maybe thats the point of this thread, to figure that part out, or at least figure out what the wrong is so we can stop it!!!

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Thanks. I don’t claim to be the best parent or to always be right. Where Hailey I concerned… Her parents are her ultimate authority until she is eighteen. We are not super strict parents. She and I have a great relationship. I hope it stays that way!

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Emo hasn’t been “new” since the 90’s when dashboard confessional hit the scene. And it has already been supercedded by “indie” thus securing counterculture’s place in the mainstream. Ironic no?

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You guys should not catagorize kids like this. It’s a look. Are there not similar groups out there that you could talk about the same way?

Preps- snobby, well dressed, think they are better than others
Jocks- competive, beat up the “small guy” rough and tough
Hip hop kids- huge over sized clothes, “street credit”

It’s a style of the generation. At some point everyone is emotional so it’s sorta ridiculous to call it emo. By the way, girl pants doesn’t automaticaly make someone emo. =)

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Is emo new
The funniest thing is when goths & emos claim to be alternative.
You want to look different & opted for a uniform instead!

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Oh my god. It is not so deep folks. Its just kids being kids flavor of the week type deal. Its a trend it will die soon enough. And it can be pretty hard to tell some of these emos apart from metalheads, punkers, skaters, goths, and whatever other silly label you can give a kid.

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what is “emo”?

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@Bri_L: emo is a slang term used in place of the word emotional. It’s used to describe a certain group as well, as I’m sure you can read from the above.

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I kinda get that. I knew what goth was, because it came from my time sort of but it was derived from a much more clear origin. I am not sure if I were passed by a group of “emo“s on the street I would know it.

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Check this out. Works every time.

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@ lefteh – classic hehe! As always, you’ve shown me the way.

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Hate to spoil this “failing American family” theory, but:
1) there are emo’s in them there foreign places too.
2) emo is no more an indication of a bad family culture than goth, punk, rock, metal and other music-related youth sub-cultures. Every generation wants to rebel, stand out, etc and this is just one way to do that.

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It’s been bugging me how everyone keeps saying “I want the emo look” There is no emo look!I used to believe they had a certain look as well,but the look you’re thinking of is scene. Emo’s can dress however they want. I know because I’m friends with a few people who have been cutting themselves and they don’t dress whatsoever scene.

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