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Where can I find the best burrito near 8th & Folsom in SF?

Asked by darrellsilver (27points) August 20th, 2008
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everyone seems to love cancun which is at market and 6th ish…

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If you take a right on Folsom and head to the airport, fly to Milwaukee and take a cab to 5th Street and National Ave you can head over to Botana’s. A little out of the way perhaps, but worth the trip.

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Emilyrose beat me to it – Cancun is my favorite burrito place in the whole city.

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Third on cancun (though that location is super sketch).

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Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t go there after dark – if you’re looking for a late-night burrito, there’s a Cancun in the mission (around 19th and Valencia, I think…)

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Cancun is gross. I got kind of sick from the one on 19th last week. Castelittos near 16th and Mission is way better. My favorite (but kind of far from you) is Farolito on 24th and Alabama.

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i know this isn’t the question, but my favorite burrito is papa lote. i’m all about the salsa. i met a guy tonight who has lots of allergies and was asking about the salsa just to be sure and said they were super secretive about it. it must have crack in it. they said, “are you allergic to nuts?” he said no. they said, “well there are no nuts in it.” weirdo!!!

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