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What are some normal responses to accidents/trauma?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) August 20th, 2008

I got hit by a car today on my bike and have noticed that my brain feels kinda slow. I am finding it difficult to have serious work related conversations. I don’t think I hit my head (but going to the doc tomorrow anyway) and none of the witnesses mentioned that I did. Is this a symptom of shock? The bike is okay too for all you bike lovers : ) Got her checked out before I even took myself to the doctor!!!

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Just sounds like shock to me. Anything surreal like that happens to me, I feel like a zombie for at least the rest of the day.

Hope you’re okay!

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Thanks, I am okay in that I walked away. I got picked up by a friend instead of getting on my bike which is what I did last time : )

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not to make it sound like I get hit all the time, I have had two collisions ever and I ride everyday, everywhere….........

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Honey, I think you should go in and get checked out now. You may have a concusion. Better safe than sorry. let us know how you’re doing.

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Emily, it all depends on the mechanism of injury. While you are most likely still in “shock”, you could still have suffered a concussion even if your head didn’t make contact with the road. Wikipedia does a decent job of explaining the mechanism of injury, and while most injuries occur when the head makes contact with something (i.e. the road), you can still suffer brain injury if there was a significant change in the the inertia of your brain relative to your skull (much like a whiplash injury). So, I agree with Scamp that you probably shouldn’t wait until tomorrow. Good luck.

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Go to the ER.

Not to scare you, but not only could you have a concussion, but you could also have torn a tiny blood vessel somewhere in the depths of your noodle. The pressure can cause all sorts of problems…..w/ movement and/or thought processing, etc

You say, “I don’t think I hit my head”.....If you aren’t sure, you need to go to the ER>

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well the folks who helped me and saw the whole thing didnt say anything about it. They def would have said “you hit your head” i think I’m okay : ) But I understand and appreciate the concern : )

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You don’t have to hit your head to have a concusion sweetie. It’s your brain hitting the inside of your skull from being jarred by the impact. It can swell slowly and cause huge problems if you let it go without treatment/rest. You said yourself you are having trouble thinking straight. Don’t write this off.. get seen today! The people who saw it aren’t doctors, are they? Please say you will get checked out.

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There is also a “subdural hematoma,”: which is what some of you may be talking about. It is bleeding into the brain. Easy to check and vital after to do so after a fall. Concussion

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Let me support our doctor wiz and third your going to the doctor now.

I hope you feel better soon.

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Were you wearing a helmet at least?

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OMG shilolo ALWAYS beats me to the punch, but this time i get to say something!

“Shock” as in “i’ve been in an accident and i’m going into shock” is not the same as psychological shock. in an accident, shock is usually caused by signifigant amounts of bleeding. If you go into this kind of shock, it could cause you to think a little slowly, etc. However, if you are several hours from the accident, and you are not bleeding or do not have chest or abdominal pain, you are not “going into shock”.

that being said, you still might be a little psychologically jarred from your accident. this would NOT cause the kind of mental symptoms you are describing.

oh yeah go to the ER if you are having toruble thinking after an accident

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hey folks. yes em, i was wearing a helmet : ) I went to the doctor this morning and of course she said, “did you hit your head” to which I responded, “i don’t think so!” So she said it didn’t seem like I had a concussion but that a lot of my soreness was muscular and probably not related to bones. She wants me to check back in in a week. Think I am going to get xrays too just to cover my butt in case there is further damage.

Thank you all for your concern : )

As for the shock thing, I hardly bled, was more psychological shock like, “wtf, why did this $^((^% hit me on her way to buy &^(%*&^$%^$ gasoline!” That’s the kicker folks. I got run over by some beeotch who was in a hurry to buy gas. Go bikes go.

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I’m glad you’re ok. Did you get the beyotch’s info so her insurance can pay your medical?

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i did : ) and i took a photo of her license plate in case she lied about anything… she was a little bit of a tweaker. after she hit me and things settled down a little she still had to buy her gas and was yelling at someone in line. nice.

thanks to everyone for your concerns, honestly i really appreciate it.

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Good job!! Sounds like she needs an attitude adjustment.

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