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Why does the other parties political lies bother you more than your own parties political lies?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (15841points) October 8th, 2018

When asked about their parties lies, most times all I get is a shrug, and yeah well both sides lie.
That is true but those same people get all bothered when the other side lies, but not their side, why?

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I can only answer for myself. I don’t like hearing lies spewed on an hourly basis via Tweets that don’t even matter. “I had more people at my inauguration than the other guy did!” No it’s proven by pics that statement is a lie and THEN the press secretary coraborates the petty stupid lies. I can see lying about big things like sleeping with hookers, getting blow jobs under a desk, etc. But the little lies that keep coming out daily, hourly has worn very thin.

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What makes you think that’s so?

Generalizations about people tend to be necessary so we can function. But applying generalizations indiscriminately to individuals really bugs me. It really bugged me to see an editorial two days ago that said liberals could not count on middle-class white women to vote with them because they were always going to vote with white men in order to protect their own privilege. And it bugs me to be lumped with those who don’t mind the lies.

In general, though, it’s probably an extension of the truism that we judge others by their outsides and ourselves by our insides. We extend that to our respective tribes and say they lie because they are unscrupulous cheaters and deceivers, and we lie for good reasons and we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t have to. Rationalization and denial.

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The other party in my case is in power so their lies are particularly troubling. What also bothers me is politicians who don’t just evade the truth but feel it doesn’t really exist.

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It also greatly annoys me when people who supposedly stand for things I agree with, do those causes a great disservice by lying and/or other stupid or bad behavior. In fact, it bothers me more.

But I tend not to want to call attention to it to others, because it does tend to detract from the actual issue I care about.

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The left is more conniving and backhanded with their lies and there are more of them because of the softer white lies when it comes to their intentions on things that are often obfuscated and wrapped up neatly. Everything comes with strings and delivered “on the side of progress” or “in the name of such and such” The tone of delivery is very “holier than thou” and they never seem to want to admit what they really want but we can all mostly see. The right is just blunt and straight up with theirs. Half the time they don’t even bother to lie, they just tell you to your face they’re going to screw you.

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All liars bother me, regardless of whether they are MY liars or YOUR liars.

The reason being that honest communication is the only way to clearly solve issues. If you have dishonest conversation, then you are making judgements based on those lies. That’s no way to run a country or make progress imo.

So neither party’s lies bother me more than the others.

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My political party doesn’t get enough press to know if they lie a lot or not.

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It is the implication that since “they all do it”, there’s no difference in the enormity or stupidity of the lies or liars spinning them.

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Theirs are more blatant.

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I voted third party this past election year because I was tired of the bs from both sides.

Right now I can deal with the lessor of two evils. The Democrats gave up Al Franken. The Republicans apologize to the old white men in their party who are victims of evil women.~

The Republicans and anyone who supports them can fuck off. I’m done giving any respect to anyone who supports the filth in the Republican party.

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Although I have been commonly mistaken for a liberal, I claim no party.

I could agree that I am very anti-republican. Dems lie, sure. I am not a fan of almost any politician. IMO, they are ALL liars, and terrible self serving, pathetic people.
Politicians, are the absolute worst part of our society. I respect a homeless drug addict far more. Although, they have a LOT in common. Watching Kavanaugh’s tantrum reminded me exactly of the rage in a user’s voice, when denying crimes… When caught in a lie, they try to mask it with anger, or other lies. The true truth, can never be dug out of them. They manipulate, steal, and cheat their way through life…

If I had a party, I would not be pleased with lies…

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I know @MrGrimm888 ,Kavanaugh’s actions during the hearings clearly show he isn’t the man for the job,innocent or not and yet he is still their poster child .
They should have dropped him and replaced him with another extreme right winger, but any other pick wouldn’t have been Trump’s get out of jail free card.

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The things that I see this administration doing, I would never have imagined possible. I was clearly lied to, when taught how great America was…

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