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What is the predominant color in the environment you're in right this minute?

Asked by Jeruba (48706points) October 8th, 2018

Look around you, wherever you are right now. What color do you see more of than any other? Sure, there’s bound to be a mix, but indoors or out, one color is likely to appear to cover more territory than the others.

This isn’t scientific. It’s not about measuring and calculating how much is green or how much is beige. It’s not about mood (“Everything is gray”). And it’s not about what you know (“I know I painted this room purple”). It’s just about your visual impression in the moment.

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White (RAL9010)

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Oddly enough, maroon. Because of an odd confluence of events, this room has large blotches of maroon. A maroon bedspread that is draped over a table (because it was what I could find when I needed a table cover), a maroon couch protector, because it was the only one left in the right size when a puppy shredded the blue one, an enameled cast-iron wood stove that in a brighter light appears more red, today is darker, and an old carpet in the office alcove that came with the house.

It just seems odd that so much disconnected stuff is the same color.

Message from the universe? :-)

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@canidmajor I just think you like maroon, you just didn’t know it yet

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Beige. I’m in my office at a hospital. Everything is boring beige here.

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I’m in my kitchen the walls are light blue. And that matches the 4 large maps that cover one wall: the World, USA, New York State, and the Finger Lakes Region.
The floor and ceiling are white but it is the light blue on the wall that stands out. .

I love maps!

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Beige, beige and beige.

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Because of the ceiling lamp, about 5500K.

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A light yellow. My office was repainted about ten years ago.

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Beige. At the office

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I’m helping my daughter move. It’s tan- the color of boxes!

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Creamy white.

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The kitchen cabinets and family room walls are all natural maple. My kitchen and family room are all one long room across the back of the house.

There are no predominate colors in the rest of the room, chrome shelving, oak desks, teak table, salt/pepper rugs, and two recliner chair overs splashed with giant pinkish roses that match the walls on a grey background that matches the rug.

The 40 inch flat screen TV and my laptop table are black, but I have glued shiny, jewel decorations all around the frame of the TV and placed a white, non slip cover on mt laptop table.

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Kind of a pea green.

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Cream colored walls and brown furniture, mostly wood and leather.

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Brilliant sunshine

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Beige. If I had this set up in the other bedroom, milk chocolate.

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Below keyboard level is mostly brown. A big desk, a sofa off to the side. Above that it’s mostly off white walls.

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Burnt orange. I am inside a Taco Bell restaurant.

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My bedroom walls are painted this color:, with white trim and ceiling. The color repeats in my bedspread’s pattern. All the furniture is white, except for Sadie’s bed, which is a complementary shade of green.

When I redecorated after the fire, I went for a beach-house feel in the bedroom. I really love the results.

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Blue. Blue carpet, blue walls, blue shirt.

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White . The walls.

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Grey. Rainy grey. Raining for 3 straight days.

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Green, outside the window to my right is predominantly new spring leaf green, inside the walls are an avocado green.

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I have my color changing lightbulb on.
Back to red…

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Nope. Acid trip Patty.

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Light green. I’m in an old movie theater palace located in the downtown area, and the walls are painted to look like an old French landscape garden, and the ceiling is light blue for the sky

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Dang. I tried to.give you a heart

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Brown. Brown carpet. Brown furniture. Brown tiles. Brown drapes.

Twenty five days spent living in this brown hotel.

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…....25 days. ....

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Half strength “lexicon” is the colour.

Very four horsemen of the apocalypse.

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Still grey. I should have gotten hazzard pay for getting to work today. It was like the instant my car wipers threw the water off someone off stage threw another bucket of water on my windshield again.

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White. More than last time

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They need to paint these damn walls.

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