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What is you favourite unexpectedly good combination of food?

Asked by jimmythepenguin (4points) August 20th, 2008 from iPhone

for example, I reckon cheese, tomato ketchup, tahini and ricecakes is an awesome midnight snack combo.
So what you got? I’m hungry!

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@Jimmy, this question was asked fairly recently, but since I answered I discovered a new and wonderful flavor combination: green olives and garlic. A green olive stuffed with a clove of garlic is surprisingly surprising to me at least tasty combination!

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White chocolate with beluga caviar. its one of the best tastes on the planet, but also an expensive taste. for the cuboard thing, Ramon cooked with an egg dropped into the boiling water, The egg will cook floating, its great, another thing is white rice, soy sauce, and fried egg. its the best breakfast you will ever have. another one is Proccuto and Melon, its an Italian cured ham.

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At The Fat Duck outside London, I was served an oyster with passion fruit. It was shockingly amazing.

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Peanut butter and jelly with dill pickles. Specifically, I’ve been using jalepeno jelly and spicy/garlic pickles. It’s sweet, sour, salty, and spicy.

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Dipping french fries in a Wendy’s frosty is yummy.

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@SCrump: Ramon would probably prefer that you use ramen in boiling water. (Prosciutto)

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I am seriously in love with Scotch Eggs. They are hard boiled eggs wrapped in spicy breafast sausage and then deep fried.

I apologize. You said “unexpectedly good combination”. When wrapping breakfast sausage around an egg you kinda expect it to be good…

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I would be very surprised to love a deep-fried hard-boiled egg. And how do you wrap a saugage around it?

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Now try blue cheese stuffed green olives which I did not expect to like, but do.

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hot dogs in mac and cheese?
corn and mashed potatos mixed together?

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chicken fingers in cocktail sauce as i just discovered about an hour ago. Chicken fingers in apple sauce is great as well.

and buster french fries in an Oreo McFlurry is wayyyyyyyy better

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Little Debbie Brownies and Nacho Cheese. I know it sounds nasty, but it’s delicious.

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@Andrew, I bow to the Fluther Master!

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@Andrew and SuperMouse: This is the recent question about unusual food combos. Don’t be thrown by the wording of the question, though. You’ll have to read the detail and great answers:

One of my favorites is melted cheese with strawberry jam. Before my wheat allergy came about, I used to flatten an english muffin, lightly butter it, spread it with strawberry preserves and sprinkle it with shredded cheese (any milder white cheese will do), and then broil it. It’s a great breakfast pizza! Now I have to make them on brown rice tortillas. Still okay, but not as good.

Regarding blue cheese stuffed olives: Make a martini using half Grey Goose Vodka and half saki. Add a little bit of olive brine from the green olive jar (making the martini a little “dirty”) and (yes) a few crumbles of blue or gorgonzola cheese before shaking. Pour into a glass, straight up, with a few blue cheese stuffed olives. Delicious!

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One of my favorite band’s lead singer swears by a tuna fish and peanut butter sandwhich. I’ve never tried it because it sounds scary, but it’s a suggestion!

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spam fried in brown sugar and orange juice. haven’t had that for ages….

i make my meatloaf with raisins, if that counts….

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