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Are you going to watch the interview with Melania?

Asked by JLeslie (61541points) October 9th, 2018 from iPhone

I am. I think it’s going to be on ABC. I still need to set my DVR.

What do you hope they ask her?

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You don’t honestly expect anything remotely truthful, or revealing, do you?

You’re looking for the interview in a few years, after the divorce. That might be better…

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^^I said the same thing to my husband about after the divorce. Lol.

I think there will be some truth. I find it interesting it’s on ABC.

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I tune out anything & everything possible to do with that family; so, I didn’t know she was going to be interviewed!!! It doesn’t matter what they ask her as she’s ONLY going to say what she wants us to hear!!! She’s paid very well for her servitude!!!

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Had not heard about it and probably would not have if I had. Nothing against her, just no interest. Kinda like Entertainment Tonight or any of the Survivor spinoffs. Not interested, thanks.

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I hope they ask her to kick her husband in the nuts at the first available opportunity.

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Of course not.
But I did watch this CBC segment, on how crApple scams its customers.

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No. I don’t think she will have anything worth while to say.

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She is of no interest to me.

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I guess I just don’t get the interest. Why not interview a slave. She’s probably “not allowed” to give real responses. She is a glorified sex slave, after all… Trump is ready to trade her in for Ivanka now. I see it being no big deal for his supporters. They can overlook anything…

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But would be greatly interested in the interview off camera about how she really feels about being a showcase for her Husband?

Soon I hope that she will get away from this selfish man who just uses people for his own good.

His last wife was paid off to NOT disclose their problems and so she will be too.

Too bad $$ are more important. Can’t wait to read HER tell all book after.

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I will watch if I know they ask about:
—Reading Michelle Obama’s speech at the convention as if nobody would notice the plagiarism – did she do that herself or just read whatever was handed to her?
—What has this anti-bullying campaign accomplished? Be specific.
—Why did she disappear for three weeks?
—How did she feel about the pussy grabbing tape?
—Did she know at the time when her husband was fucking Stormy Daniels, or was that news to her recently?
—Trump was married when she started fucking him. Is that different from the affairs he’s had while married to Melania?

LOL as if they will ask about any of those things.

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They may ask BUT she will not answer honestly.
I bet there are restrictions on what they are allowed to ask her?

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I’ve always felt a bit sorry for her and have given her the benefit of the doubt until just now. This is an excerpt from her interview:

“I do stand with women, but we need to show the evidence. You cannot just say to somebody, ‘I was sexually assaulted,’ or, ‘You did that to me,’ because sometimes the media goes too far, and the way they portray some stories it’s, it’s not correct, it’s not right,” said Trump

Sorry for the language but she can go fuck off with the rest of the Trumpsters.

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“On April 20, 2011, Melania appeared on the Joy Behar Show and backed up her husband’s allegations that Obama wasn’t born in the state of Hawaii like live birth records suggest.”

” ‘It’s not only Donald who wants to see [Obama’s birth certificate], it’s American people who voted for him and who didn’t vote for him. They want to see that,’ she argued. Behar then made the point that the birth certificate had already been on display and all over the internet. ‘We feel it’s different than birth certificate,’ Melania responded.”

Melania Trump Supported Her Husband’s Racist Birtherism Claims on TV

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No, they won’t ask her any real questions about the dirty politics of her husband. She seems like a nice enough lady, but she is very naive, and she doesn’t have a good enough grasp of English to be able to understand as much about her husband’s activities and ideas as she should.

She was a pretty gold digger who hooked up with the worst possible person, and she doesn’t have the guts to leave him, because she probably signed a prenup that would make her destitute if she left him, and her husband would most likely try to take her son away from her.

She’s in a bad position.

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No. I already know what she is going to say. More excuses for Donalds behavior and for bad republican behavior. In Trump world, nothing they do is wrong and anyone who doesn’t see that is the enemy. Money is their main objective and love for all things Trump to help his ego.

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I saw a commercial for a piece of the interview in which she is asked about her husband’s infidelities. She says “it’s of no concern to me”.
Yeah she’s in it for the money.

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We are talking about the Orangutan.
There literally is nothing else to be in it for.

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@chyna What can she say about it? There isn’t any good answer.

I think she probably at least liked Donald when they got married, I doubt it’s only money. Sure that’s part of it, the lifestyle.

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^Yeah. Lifestyle, and…... an explosive collar…

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@jleslie She also said it was just rumors. At this point we all know it isn’t rumors. I would have said something along the lines of “I don’t control his actions .”

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I think her jacket said it all. “I don’t really care, do you?”

It doesn’t matter what prostitute Don’s penis tastes like, as long as she will get paid when he passes on.
Similar to Trumpers. “The ends will justify the means.”

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I’ve read that various penis perfumes, dick douches, and cock colognes have been tried on tRump’s tiny tool. ;-)

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@chyna What did Hillary say? I’m not even talking about Monica, I mean before Monica, when we all knew her husband had been screwing other women. What did Jacquelyn Kennedy say? Why is anyone putting the wife on the spot about this sort of thing?

Back in the day if we knew a candidate was cheating he was dead in the water. Now, the public seams to not care as long as they like everything else about him or her. Maybe within a few years we will stop bothering to ask candidates about their escapades as long as it isn’t affecting their work, and isn’t costing the tax payer.

The clip I saw, I didn’t see the whole thing yet, Melania seems to be saying she’s more focused on other things. As a wife myself, I’m find with that answer. If she wants to stay married to keep a part of her life status quo, I’m not going to judge that. She might choose to stay for that reason. If she is staying as a courtesy, because a divorce in the White House is unheard of, I’m fine with that also. Women stay in marriages for “money” reasons all the time, and for the children, and etc. you don’t have to be rich to stay in a marriage for financial reasons.

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@JLeslie Your question, you asked about Melania. Why are you deflecting to Hillary?

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@chyna Why do Democrats keep saying that? Do you never bring up Bush or Reagan? That whole schtick about deflecting is to shame the other person into submission—to shut them up. To stop the conversation.

Past presidents are brought up because Democrats talk about how hypocritical Republicans are, but then when someone points it out about Democrats, Democrats don’t want to hear it. So, when Trump is out of office you won’t ever point back to him? Are you sure you can do that? He’s done a lot if crazy things to leave him in the past once we have moved onto a new president.

You win, I’ll stop.

I believe what Melania said on the special. I think she showed horrible judgement about the jacket, and some other things, but I believe her.

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@MrGrimm888 Her people said her jacket was a message to her husband…not to the American public I have my doubts; but, hope that it is true!!! I keep hoping that there is at least ONE person in that family that is human. After 30–40 years of being brow beat, I think the kids are a LOST cause because it is ALL they’ve ever been exposed to & don’t know any better!!!

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@LadyMarissa I thought she said the jacket was a message to media and in general people being awful to her. I have to go back and watch it. Not that it really matters. It showed such incredibly bad judgement wearing that jacket no matter what her intention.

She said she doesn’t want the media to give her clothing so much attention; sure especially since she made that huge error with that jacket. I did get the feeling she is doing some positive things the media isn’t covering at all, or not giving her credit for. I’m not sure what all of those things are.

Overall, her fashion is amazing. She is the best dressed First Lady ever. Jackie Kennedy right behind, or tied with her. Both in mostly simple solids, conservative, well tailored garments.

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@jleslie. I have NEVER compared anything to Bush, Regan, Nixon or whoever. You can go back through all my posts and see that. I don’t even go back and make a comparison to Obama saying he did it better.
I don’t do it to “shame” anyone, but to keep the conversation on track.

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@LadyMarissa . As I’ve said before, fuck that whole family…

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^ Not even with YOUR dick!!! LoL

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@chyna I believe you don’t, my mistake for assuming, but plenty do. It’s still a “talking point” of the left right now.

Anyway, regarding Melania I see nothing wrong with her saying whatever she wants about her marriage, it’s really no one’s business in my opinion. People stay together for many reasons. All the rest of it is fair game to me.

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There’s NOT enough money in the whole wide world that would make me feel it’s OK to live with that man!!! My standards may be low; but, they re NOT that low!!!

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^^Lol. Well, it seems she’s been staying in Kenya for a while. I’m not sure how long. Kenya of all places. Isn’t that where the birthers accused Obama of being born? And, on the show they pointed out Melania wearing a pant suit, which I actually had noticed Ivanka wearing a pant suit, I think she wore one to the inauguration. The thing Hillary was taunted about. I remember a Q here where I got really annoyed with make jellies criticizing Hillary for wearing a pant suit, and I was so happy to see the Trumps wearing them. It’s a little weird with Melania—is it all purposeful?

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