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How does the health care available to our national elected leaders compare to that available to us commoners, and how should it compare?

Asked by SaganRitual (2067points) October 10th, 2018

I don’t just mean the quality of the health care, although I do mean that as well. I also mean available in the sense that they can afford the health care, they can afford the necessary premiums and deductibles that support that quality of health care.

My friend pays astronomical health insurance premiums, despite taking the maximum deductibles available, and still, it’s nearly impossible to squeeze a single dollar out of the insurance company when she finally does meet the deductible and file a claim. She’s lucky, because she makes a lot of money, and she doesn’t have to go to the doctor a lot. I don’t know how people can stay afloat if they make less money or have serious health problems.

What is the situation like for our national elected officials, in particular, those who are making—and signing/vetoing—the laws concerning health care and insurance? Do their insurance companies gouge them the same way they gouge us commoners? Do they pay astronomical premiums and still pay mostly out of pocket because of huge deductibles?

Under ACA, did any commoners have a health care situation as good as that of our national leaders? Should any commoners have it that good? If so, under what circumstances? If not, why? Should it be available only to people who make as much money as elected officials, or should everyone have the same availability of proper health care?

Why, why not, discuss, pontificate, etc.?

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Congress gets Federal employee health insurance which is similar to what people have from any large employer. It is provided through the Obamacare exchanges ( because Republicans thought Democrats would not pass the bill if that requirement was added)

Marketplace – Here is where the U.S. Congress buys its health insurance

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The president gets to use military care, which in my opinion is much easier to use than the private system. I assume he uses it for free (but I don’t know for sure) since Walter Reed/Bethesda Naval Medical Center doesn’t have a way to charge their patients as far as I know? Maybe another jelly knows. A side mention, our entire military gets this benefit. Free medical care including medications.

The congresspeople get insurance similar to what people in large corporations get.

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