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How can we dispose of this vehicle on our property?

Asked by notsoblond (2490points) October 10th, 2018

We have a non-working vehicle in the garage of the rental we are moving out of this weekend. A new tenant will be moving in Monday.

This vehicle belonged to my mother-in-law. She gave it to us to use several years ago when our vehicle died. The vehicle then became unreliable about the same time she sent my husband the title. She forgot to sign the title. We purchased a new vehicle during this time.

Mother-in-law got tired of waiting on my husband to send her the title to sign it so she went to the DMV and released her name from the title. Technically this vehicle belongs to no one.

We need to remove this car from the property this Friday. We can’t junk it for cash because our name isn’t on the title. The car has no working brakes so we can’t drive it anywhere. We have no money to spend on this car. We just want it gone.

What do we do with this car?

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Some charity might take cars that don’t work. I don’t know the name , but I know that some exist in USA. You might get a pull push or drag it in rebate on a new car. Some collector might want to restore it for fun.

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About the only thing you can do t this point is abandon it somewhere. Park it at the local WalMart or Costco parking lot.

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There is a way to reclaim a title. Don’t know how but you might call DMV to ask them exactly what you should do in this case. IF you abandon it in a big box parking lot, they might trace it back to you. Crazy, I know. They won’t give you a title because you can’t prove that it’s yours; however, let them want to collect a fine & they will find you!!!

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There are junkers who will haul away untitled vehicles. Check your local ads, and make some calls.

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In my area, the local classical music radio station, an NPR station, and a music festival all advertise that they will take donated cars—“running or not, in most cases,” they say. But I don’t know if they require you to have the title to it…probably. Does the DMV record show who released it?

I also found an online listing that says the local veterans’ organization will take cars “with no DMV paperwork,” and you get a tax write-off. Worth checking where you live.

Note, the OP says: “The car has no working brakes so we can’t drive it anywhere..”

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The kidney foundation takes cars. Not sure how fast they could pick it up….

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We donated a car to my high school when I was a teenager. My school had an auto mechanics class. I think my parents were able to take a tax write off, I’m not sure.

Other ideas: craigslist, Facebook,

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I have about 36 hours to figure this out and get it taken care of. Thank you for the suggestions.

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Junkyards don’t generally care if it has a title or not. Call them up and get one to haul it away

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Pretty sure you can junk it without a title. Titles are important if the person who takes the car want to resell it. If not, if they’re just going to use it for parts they don’t need a title.
Well, @hat @ARE_you_kidding_me said.

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Our scrappers wont take cars without titles.

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Ours will. She just needs to find out what is in her area.

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If you want to junk it, you might need to register it. Seeing as it isn’t registered to anyone, this shouldn’t be a problem. If you can get it taken away for free if you have a title registered, it might be worth spending a little bit of money. The only way you could do this for free is if you tow it somewhere and abandon it.

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Yeah, we don’t have the time or money to register the vehicle. I’m going to go kick my husband for putting this off for so long. :(

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Have you called any salvage yards? Maybe your landlord might want to keep it?

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See if you can attain a title for an abandoned vehicle. You may need to find a VIN, usually can be found just inside the windshield just in front of the driver’s seat. Call a wrecking yard for info, they should be able to give you some pointers.

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I found a junker who might take it. He said as long as we have the title my MIL doesn’t have to be there, even though it’s technically not hers anymore. We might get $100–200 for it. I’m waiting to hear back from the owner of the company.

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Well that’s just yay, man! Glad to hear it!

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Good news. They’ll pick it up for us tomorrow and give us $150. Yay!

Thanks everyone!

@Dutch This will pay for the landfill fees. :)

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Ha ha ha ha!!!! Oh, this is great how this is working out!

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You have the title? I’m so confused. If you have the title you’re all set. It doesn’t need to be registered. You only need to register it if you’re going to drive it I think. Just write up a bill of sale and give whoever buys it the title.

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It’s all in the details. Her husband’s mom gave them the car. She sent the title, but forgot to sign it. @notsoblond‘s husband was supposed to mail it back to his mom for her to sign. He never did. Now they’re under the gun because they’ve moved to a different state, and just came back to their old state for a couple of days to tie up lose ends, and the car was one of them. They don’t have time to mail it back, and they need to get rid of it because it doesn’t run and they’re moving out of their rental.
But it’s all figured out now. That and the dumpster issue. And I assume you got the dogs @notsoblond? You didn’t forget your kids did you?

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^Ha! I’m gaining a cat on this trip. What kids?

Long story. Don’t get me started. :)

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Donate your car todaaaayy.

It’s creepy how powerful songs from ads stick with you.

My mom donated our old Honda years ago. She didn’t use that number though. I think she saw an ad on the paper for car donations. It was really simple. A tow guy came and took it away. We got a tax deduction out of it.

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Everything went smoothly with the car today and we got a check for $150.

Thanks again, everyone.

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