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Are cowboys made of excrement?

Asked by Yellowdog (6976points) October 11th, 2018

I read, written on a restroom wall at a CITCO gas station near Walnut, Mississippi:

“If you ain’t cowboy, you ain’t shit.”

Some people might be concerned about this matter. But if they aren’t a cowboy, they have nothing to worry about.

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It has been my understanding they don’t stack shit that high.
This latest development has me puzzled.

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Twenty gallons of shit in a ten gallon hat.

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Those are cowpies.

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I once saw the following on the wall in a restroom;“This is where Napoleon beat his bone apart!”.

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Shit, in this particular instance, means nothing, zip, zilch. As if cowboys are all that, meaning the bee’s knees, everything anyone would want and hope to be.

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Would poo here again: 3 stars

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Well, cowboys, on the wide open plains, have the perfect job for doo doo people. Lots of open air

As they say, Shoo-wee!

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@kritiper has it right. My husband was a farmhand for 7 years in central Illinois. Those good ol boys thought they were the shit. I’m assuming they have nothing on southern boys.

They can have their shit. It was full of misogyny and racism. I ain’t shittin’.

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Not sure. I never watched Broke Back Mountain…

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Why did the cowboy get a dachshund? Someone told him to get along little doggie.

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“If you ain’t cowboy, you ain’t shit.

Heaven forfend that it’s an inadvertent metaphor for America and the American people.

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Hmm, Brokeback Mountain sequel has working title of…

Phallus Cowboys: Touchdown in the ass zone

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@Pinguidchance We ain’t all cowboys here, pard.

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“If you ain’t cowboy, you ain’t shit.”

This pithy aphorism goes to the core of linguistic descriptivism vs. prescriptivism debate.

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We drove through Browntown, WI tonight on our way home from Illinois. I couldn’t help but giggle when I read the town name.

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