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Other than O.J's case what cases do a lot of people say the jury/judge got them wrong?

Asked by flo (13313points) October 11th, 2018
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Casey Anthony She got off for killing her child.

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George Zimmerman’s murder of Trayvon Martin

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Omar Khadr. Was a child soldier . When he was 15 he threw a grenade at a medic in a café. He was sent to Guantanamo for a bit. He got 8 years but was released to Canada and set free.

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The Dred Scott case.

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@kritiper Who is Dred Scott?

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The Dred Scott decision, was probably the most horrible ruling ever made by SCOTUS.

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I thought there is a list of 10 or so, at least I don’t know why.
So, what is going to happen in future? Some other countries’ way of doing it, like 3 judges, and no such thing as a jury trial?
Nothing can be done about the Supreme Courts of course.

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@flo The thing about those cases where the jury got them wrong, most found the criminal not guilty. Those cases, such as OJ, means the prosecution failed, which is considered to be err on the side of caution.

A person who appears to the public as guilty yet goes free is not an injustice, and does not call for a change to the system.

Yes, innocent people have been around guilty, but those cases are almost always due to prosecutorial misconduct, police misconduct, or racially discriminatory practices in choosing the jury.

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@zenvelo All I know is there is the 3 judges way.

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