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How do bounty hunters make money?

Asked by blueknight73 (2706points) August 20th, 2008

dog the bounty hunter

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They get paid by the bondsmen that posted bail.

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Collecting on Bounties.

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Pretty much they catch fools and turn them in for a reward.

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When you’re arrested, and can’t make bail, you get a bondsman to bail you out. When that happens, I believe that they have a stake in you going to court. When you don’t, they hire a bounty hunter to come get you.

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Bounty Hunters only get paid when they return a fugitive to court (through jail). Bounty Hunters can not just go around arresting people who are on bail and have missed court. They are only allowed to arrest people who are on bail with the bail company they are working for.

Some bail companies pay bounty hunters a percentage of the bail. So, if you are out on bail for 10,000 and you fail to go to court the bounty hunter would get a percentage of that bond amount. Some get anywhere from 5% to 40% and there are a lot of reasons why this varies. Most states only give the bail company a certain amount of time to return the fugitive. In California it’s 180 days. The closer it gets to paying the court the more money the bail company might pay the Bounty Hunter.

Here is a great site from a California Bounty Hunter:

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