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Can I make dried basil simply by letting fresh basil dry on my countertop?

Asked by 2davidc8 (9650points) October 13th, 2018

For later use. Can I do this for all herbs?

Or is there another step involved and is more complicated than this?

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To dry fresh herbs, it is usually best to hang them up in order to dry them as quickly as possible. Just tie a bunch together at the stems with some twine and hang upside down in an area with decent air flow. It should take about two weeks for them to dry out.

The problem with leaving them on the counter is that they won’t get sufficient air flow, which may cause molding.

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Pied is correct!!! Also, by hanging them upside down with the stems up, it is supposed to create a better flavor due to the juices running back into the leaves. You’ll have a better quality of herbs in the long run…worth the wait!!!

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Yes, you can dry them on your countertop, but @Pied_Pfeffer nailed it. Hanging is better. In fact, if you are looking to dry a lot of herbs and want to do it in a hurry, I saw a trick on one of the cooking channel shows that would work. Get a box fan (square floor model) and some vent filters like you might use on your home ventilation system. Lay out your herbs on the filter(s), cover them with another filter (to hold them in place), and tape the whole thing onto the fan. Turn it on and there you go. It is the air flow that dries the herbs best. They say beef jerky can be made this way as well, though I have not tried it.

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OK!! Thanks, all.
The reason I asked is that fresh basil comes in a bunch, and I can’t use it all at once. I didn’t want the remainder to get moldy and I didn’t want to throw it away.

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