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What is your favorite decade that you have lived through?

Asked by tabbycat (1803points) August 20th, 2008
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The 90’s ruled. I lost my virginity. Clinton was getting hummers in the oval office. I thought the Smashing Pumpkins were god. Gas was cheap and I drove my chevy crapalier all over the place.

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I had my best times in the 80s!!! Teenager…clear head, no stress, no worries, NO CLUE!

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The 80’s were pretty good. Came out of the closet. Divorced my husband. Was in my 20’s. Partied hardy. Began learning how to cook. Music was fair. No war. No rampant STD’s. It was a pretty ok decade for me.

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The eighties were cool. I had a lot of fun. The music was great, and the fashions were great…. At least I thought they were great. The 90’s were great too… For different reasons. I got married and had my daughter, and I became mostly the me that I am today.

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I’ll have to go with the 80’s also. Like mzgator, I got married and had my daughter then. It’s when I was the happiest.

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The 70’s although I was a child it truly was a simpler time. Skateboarding down the ramp of a local High School.Going to Roller Skating rinks. Playing with my friends down by the creek. Happy Days & Welcome Back Kotter.

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The 70’s were good too!

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I turned 18 in the early 90s, so I’d say that decade. But I spent most of my teen years in the 80s, and I had great fun during that time. Can I pick the decade between 1987 and 1997?

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The 70’s. The fashion, the cheesy television shows, the Irwin Allen disaster movies, the cheap gas, the destruction of disco records, The Mighty Met, after school specials, and Scooby Do on Saturday mornings. Good times….

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I loved the 90s for a host of easons. I liked what I was doing. i loved where I lived. I enjoyed the age that I was.

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I have to echo Marina’s answer. I liked who I was, where I was, and what I was doing in the 90s.

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The 80’s…I was young, pretty, and didn’t know about aids yet…had a lot of fun. There is also the fact that I took charge of my own life, and came into my own as a person.

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I am going with the 80’s. I was a teenager during Breakfast Club, 16 Candles. Before guns in schools and such. And my favorite group of all time, U2, was coming into its stride. It was awesome.

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Wow, tough one. I loved the late 60’s early 70’s did Woodstock, Bangladesh, Winterland. Life was simple. I also liked the 80’s music came alive for me again and I went a little wild, plus I did Woodstock II. The 90’s Nirvana enough said. I guess that every decade’s music has been special for me. I have changed with every decade and will continue to do so.

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80’s rule and so did I. Great music, great clothing, great politics, great olympics, great hair, great times…great times!

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90’s i miss the original Rugrats and Nintendo 64 being the coolest thing in the world and of course you cant forget Boy Meets World

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@ gooch – No doubt the olympics. 16 days of glory man. Carl lewis, the albatros, Sergie Bubka, Roudy Gains, US Hockey Team, Mary Lou Retton, Edwin Moses

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@bri you remember. I was a runner (go edwin and carl) then who thought Mary Lou was hot. US hocky…wow we really beat the Russians!

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I was in my 20’s in the 70’s, new nurse and didn’t know enough to know I didn’t know enough! I even enjoyed being in Viet Nam, if you can imagine that.

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‘70s for sure. The end of the innocence in America across the board.

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I’d have to say the ‘70s for me. In response to the previously asked question, “What do you think of when you hear ‘70s music’” I wrote:
Let’s see…A sit-in protest in my High School’s administration building, parties, live music during High School lunch by great musicians who would later form the group Toto (Jeff Porcaro was in my class and was already a renowned session drummer while still in high school having recorded on all the Steely Dan albums and dozens of others), party, party, party, pot (growing and consuming), acid, mushroom, peyote, dropping mescaline with an entire four story coed dorm full of students on New Years Eve at San Diego State College (several friends attended), pharmaceuticals (a nod to Quaaludes and Percodans), transcendental meditation, patchouli oil and incense, attending UCLA and watching two basketball National Championships, always interesting speakers and lots of protests, very long hair, Hollywood Boulevard, Westwood, the Beaches from Zuma to Santa Monica and Venice, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, concerts at least every other week (just the bands I saw at least a half a dozen times include Led Zeppelin, The Who, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, David Bowie, Johnny Winter, Jethro Tull), dating and then living with a Playboy bunny with music and auto and motorcycling racing connections (Linda Ronstadt, Eagles, Buffalo Springfield, Kim Carnes,etc.), more party, party, party, my first car, a Corvair, followed by a Vega (totaled following a Bowie as Ziggy Stardust concert), a Chevelle, a Cutlass and a couple of MGs, minibikes and motorcycles and did I mention party, party, party. And, of couse, I’ve just scratched the surface, considering I lived the 70’s between the ages of 15 and 25 yo. I finally settled down in 1980 when I got a “real job”, bought a house within a couple years, etc., but I digress, that being the 1980s. Sorry about the rambling, but you asked!

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@ gooch I was a track guy to. Pole vaulter though. Big Serie Bubka fan, US didn’t have anyone to put up against them. No one did.

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whattheflutter, Ah, you bring back memories! I’m a little older than you, but not much. I was at UCLA in the ‘70s, too, and I feel very nostalgic about lots of the things you mention.

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@whatthefluther – I have a feeling I would have been to much of a wuss to survive the 70’s.

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The 1890s were fun!

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For me it would be the ‘90s-that “pre-millenium tension” was cause for a heightened melodrama that complemented my art and college life, and it was then that I had my first taste of the “night life.”

With relatively little responsibility, I was “solo” and “packed light,” and had all kinds of energy then! With a 24-pack of Mountain Dew I could stay up for days at a time and work on projects without regard to personal health…not so anymore! I ended that decade with a jump out of an airplane (skydiving)...what a way to go out!

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still too young to say I hope 2040 where technology is so advanced that what I’m thinking automatically gets put on here by my iPhone. :P

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The 80s!!!!
The music, the fashion… was so ridiculous that I can’t imagine a better time to go from childhood to teenager.

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@AstroChuck: You must have lived a long time, if you can recall the 1890s! WOW!

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@JackAdams: I think AstroChuck is timeless. ;-)

I loved the 90’s. I was way smarter, way more confident, and making way more money than I had been in my 20’s, but I still looked like I was in my early 20’s. My friends and I were all still single and free until the very late 90’s, so life was a fun series of parties and group attempts at do-gooding. And I wasn’t a parent yet, so I could afford to be idealistic and order my life according to my own whims and needs. Fun times!

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70s: Well I was born in ‘71, was a kid, so what the hell did I know.
80s: Horrible all around (school, family, money)
90s: Great economy, I bought a house, I got married, did a lot of traveling.
Early 00s: Got a great job, made a boatload of money, adopted my daughter.
Late 00s (thus far): Making WAY less money, economy sucks, war, but…

I still have my wife, daughter, and house…so the jury’s still out on the 00s.

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I was born in 1949, so I’m partial to the 1960s, mostly because Angie Dickinson was in her 30s, then. (I’m sure most of you reading this don’t know who she is, and that’s OK.)

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@JackAdams—I may have been born in the 80s, but I know who she is! (I’m a big film and TV buff, though, so I might be a special case…)

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@whatthefluther you brought back so many memories I might have to change my answer!! My first concert was Deep Purple. The party lasted for 10 days! And I remember the number 714 having some significance too…ha ha!!

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The 80’s. High school and college and boys and the best Olympics and the music (okay, some of the music) and rollerskating and darn it all, I was cuter then too!

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@scamp: I believe that “714” was the LAPD badge number for Sgt. Joe Friday on the “DRAGNET” TV series 0f the 50s and 60s, if I recall correctly.

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@JackAdams: I think 714 in this case is a reference to a certain, ahem, party favor that was part of the scene in the late 1960s and into the ‘70s. You can wiki it for 411…

@scamp: didn’t know you were a super freak! j/k. I got the reference hehe

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@sndfreQ: I was a “nerd” in the 60s and 70s, and, fortunately for me, I never used drugs, except alcohol and nicotine.

So, I didn’t know about the “714” reference.

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I was born in 1983
I remember when I was around 6 or 7 probably, my uncle was a teenager and depeche mode was all over the place, I remember I had the NKOB album…
Early 90’s nirvana and pearl jam were all over the place, I was in school, I was enrolled in every academic contest possible… and winning everything :)
Mid 90’s high school time… not that dreadful….
00’ and counting, the best years of my life, wonderful friends, great job, living my dreams, all the way to the end…
so I guess the new millenium gets the prize in my life….

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@sndfreQ Now you’ve got me pegged!! ha ha!! You’re either very good at researching, or you have a few secrets yourself..(insert evil laugh here) kidding

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@scamp: haha
Room 714, I’ll be waiting

my mom and I have had conversations about this line; let’s just say I have indirect knowledge…

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It’s a date! Don’t worry, I already have a key, heh heh heh

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The Year 1350.

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@NecroKing, 1350? Gee, you’re older than you look!

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I am a thousand years old you know.

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@tabbycat..College life at UCLA in the 1970s was incredible and education went far beyond the curriculum offered. The energy level on the campus was extremely high and the activities varied and boundless. I learned a lot there.
@scamp…excellent memory…perhaps our parallel paths crossed at some point in the ‘70s and @sndfreQ…you are amazing…your knowledge far exceeds your years! Besides Sgt. Friday’s badge number, as @JackAdams points out, 714 was the number designation on Quaaludes through two manufacturers (Rohrer and Lemmon) and three configurations.

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90s the best sports cars started to come out. Oh my dream cars.

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@whatthefluther, Yes, I agree about college life at UCLA in the ‘70s. The experience certainly enriched my world. I was just back there earlier this month for a week-long seminar, and it felt like old times. A nice experience!

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The 90ies. Life is settled, the kids are older but still at home.

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@wtf I haven’t been west of Missouri, so I doubt we crossed paths, but if we had, I bet we would have had some laughs, ha ha!!

Remember this song?

Well I never been to Spain
But I kinda like the music
Say the ladies are insane there
And they sure know how to use it
They don’t abuse it
Never gonna lose it
I can’t refuse it

whatthefluther's avatar

@scamp…the song has been done by quite a few artists, but I suspect you are thinking Three Dog Night

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@scamp…I made it all the way to the east coast a few times, so you never know! PS: I happen to have Spanish blood in me but I have never been to Spain (got relatively close though on a Mediterranean Island Cruise)

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Yeah, you never know, did you go to any of the World Series of Rock concerts at Cleveland stadium? I didn’t miss many of them during those days.

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Well I’ve never been to Cleveland
But I kinda like the music
Lady by the name of scamp there
Vitamin Q? She sure knew how to use it…

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My favorite:

Well I’ve never been to Heaven
But I been to Oklahoma
People tell me I was born there
But I really don’t remember

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Ha ha!! too funny!!

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Maybe the 1500’s

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The 90’s. College, culture, love.

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i was very young during the 80’s having been born in the late 70’s but i gotta say the 80’s. i love the music and really LOVE shoulderpads!! ;)

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