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I think I had a silent heart attack a few days ago! What's your knowledge of this topic?

Asked by Aster (19994points) October 14th, 2018

Three mornings ago I was sitting at my pic and my chest began feeling uncomfortable; it was scary. It was nothing like what happened in the movie War of the Roses; just scary and slightly painful. Then the pain moved to my lower jaw and yes; that did hurt ! And it was also in my neck. It lasted half an hour then stopped. I suppose I need an EKG. Has anyone here have experience with these symptoms?

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My wife just had an episode 2 months ago. Started off with “pressure” in the chest which she attributed to heat and humidity (90’s of both). Her neck and arms were sore which she attributed to exercising the day before. That was at noon. At 9:30 at night, the pain in the arm had moved down to her forearm. My step-son who is an NP asked if she was feeling okay. Her response was that her chest has hurt all day and there is a pain in her arm and she was going to bed to see how it felt in the morning. He said no, when you have those symptoms you don’t go to bed, you go to the hospital. He called an ambulance. The EMTs did an EKG and saw some oddities on it (which my step son confirmed). They took her to the hospital ER. The next day they took her to the cardiac care ward for a heart catherization. They found 90% blockage in one artery and 99% in another. They installed two stints right then. She is fine now. They say that officially she had a heart attack, but it was very minor and did no damage to the heart. When you feel these things, go for medical help ASAP. Do not wait.

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Could have been a heart attack. Possibly not.

Yes, I think an EKG and probably a blood test would be good. Check for elevated heart enzymes. If those are all negative, maybe get an abdominal scan.

You can get pain in your chest from many things, but definitely better to get checked than to guess.

Were you short of breath? Did the pain go to your back? Was the pain dead center in your chest? More left? More right?

I think go to your doctor.

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ˆˆˆˆ^The pain was basically in the center of the chest then spread to my lower jaw which hurt a lot. In half an hour it was gone.

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Did you get checked?

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